The snow boots welcome the first snowfall

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The snow boots welcome the first snowfall  Empty The snow boots welcome the first snowfall

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Snow boots fashion trends
About the history of Ugg sheepskin boots is dated back to the 1920s rural Australia, Australian farmers wrapped feet to warm themselves with these shoes; During the World War I, at that time, smart Australian pilot wrapped into the shoes with two pieces of sheepskin dressing on their feet to keep warm; probably in the 1960s, surfers have to wear boots to warm feet soak in the sea for a long time, surfing makes this simple-minded round boots gradually became popular; 70s of the last century, this type of sheepskin one handmade boots are collectively referred to as: UGG, Ugg boots, UghBoots, Uggs, and gradually formed a unified name in Australia.
Since 1995, United States DECKERS company registered “UGG” trademark around the world, it gets the exclusive right of the trademark in many countries.
The coming of the first snow brings the winter chill, snow boots with both warm and comfortable swept every corner of the world since 2009, in addition to the most well-known brand UGG, well-known snow boots much more than this, this year each the heavy snow in boots brands continue to spare no effort launched new season boots …. let the foot, such as kaleidoscope, in addition to the traditional earth tones plain terms, printing, button-candy colors, metallic colors, bloom Variety of fashionable new gesture.

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