Does eating fruit is also harmful to health in Winter

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 Does eating fruit is also harmful to health in Winter Empty Does eating fruit is also harmful to health in Winter

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The fruit is the most healthy food in the mind of most people, even some people eat fruit several times more than the staple food. But you know, eat fruit should notice, otherwise, not only cannot achieve the purpose of health care, but will bring a variety of diseases.
First, not to eat fruits immediately after a meal: immediately eating fruits after a meal, not only will not help digestion, but will cause flatulence and constipation. Therefore, should eat the fruit in two hours after a meal or 1 hour before meals.
Second, not to rinse the mouth after eating fruit: some fruit contains a variety of fermentation of carbohydrates, strong corrosive for teeth, if not gargle, will leave the fruit residue in the mouth that could easily lead to tooth decay.
Third, not eat fruit too much: Excessive consumption of fruits, causes the body lack of copper, leading to increasing cholesterol in the blood to cause coronary heart disease, so in a short period of time, you should not eat too many fruits.
Fourth, avoid unsanitary when eat fruit: Edible the rotting fruits, and not dust-proof, fly-proof equipment and not thoroughly clean the disinfection of fruit, such as strawberries, mulberries, cross-sectional slice watermelon,etc, prone to happen dysentery, typhoid fever, acute stomach enteritis and other gastrointestinal diseases.
Fifth, avoid cleaning fruits with alcohol: Alcohol can kill the bacteria in fruit surface, but can cause changing fruit color, aroma, and taste, alcohol and acid in fruit will reduce the nutritional value of the fruit.
Sixth, do not peel avoid eating raw fruits: Some people believe that the vitamin content in the peel is higher than the pulp, so they eat fruit with skin. As everyone knows, when the fruit is occurrence of pests and diseases, often use of pesticides to kill them, and pesticides will soak in and residual in the wax layer of peel, and pesticide residues is much higher than flesh peel.
Seventh, not to use a kitchen knife to cut fruit: the kitchen knife often constantly contacts with meat, fish, vegetables, so it will bring parasites or parasite eggs to fruits making people infected with the parasitic disease. Especially the rust on the kitchen knife play chemical reaction with acid that apple contains made apple’s color, smell and taste worse.

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