Do you know the five most extreme roads

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Do you know the five most extreme roads Empty Do you know the five most extreme roads

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When you walk in the streets of the city, perhaps may feel bored, feel a distant journey, and have no bright spots to be found. At this time, you can explore the most extreme road landscape to find what you want in the world. Life needs conquest, doesn’t it?

Karakoram Highway
Karakoram Highway, Pakistan and China
Whether you are desperate, trying to start the car engine through a narrow road or driving a four-wheeled car across the vast expanse of desert, five roads in the world, are notoriously difficult to walk. The Karakoram Highway is regarded as centuries old road, was once part of the famous Silk Road, is now the world’s highest international road. This road is 1,200 kilometers long, start from Abbottabad. Pakistan, through the Karakoram Mountains, has been leading the Kashi of China. Along the way, we can taste the famous mountain scenery in the world. At the same time, hiking and mountaineering experience can be described within reach.

Canning livestock Route
Canning livestock Route of Australia
Through Western Australia’s rugged red sandy wasteland, we come to the history of the Canning Stock Road, this is the dream land of the modern-day explorers. This is the world’s most remote road from the town of Wiluna until Hall Creek, a total length of 1820km. Here, dust everywhere, and we can only vaguely see the shadow of the cattle people. But in this isolated land, we can have the opportunity to learn the traditional plain locals, and visit the thousands of years of history of rock art sites.

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