Of Aion Coser Xuandong stores AMD-Asus games hot experience

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Of Aion Coser Xuandong stores AMD-Asus games hot experience Empty Of Aion Coser Xuandong stores AMD-Asus games hot experience

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Reporter recently learned that AMD ASUS and Shanda announced the end of September tripartite formal strategic cooperation,aion goldthe first batch of ASUS AMD K Series Aion Extreme game this has been gradually Distribution in the country, into the various supermarkets sold. While AMD, Asus also launched a large-scale dissemination activities in the line of the two sides.
The first to Aion, Coser carrying the ASUS Xuandong Marketplace event will be held in Beijing, Shenyang, Jinan, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi'an and other 12 cities designated Asus distribution store showing. Purchase promotions (link to be attached) called "You play the ASUS games this earn popularity, the AMD Award '000 purchase discount" will start the same period of September 25.
From September 19 every weekend,buy aion gold"Aion" game coser will bring "ASUS AMD K Series Aion Extreme game of the station store publicity and parade stores. Lead consumers to experience the ASUS AMD K, Series Aion Extreme game this ultimate visual effects and strong gaming performance.
The "Aion, coser portability Asus Xuandong stores" activities are also full of game elements: two showgirl dressed as "Aion" game in the Water Wizard and the days of family ruled station shop publicity, while two will be handheld Asus AMD K Series Aion Extreme gaming notebook and configuration version of the parade stores.
Consumer users can not only experience the ASUS AMD K Series Aion Extreme game of this high-end custom gaming experience, but also watching the fashion cool Coser show, and enjoy cool music experience.
From September 25,aion kinapurchase this make you play the ASUS games popularity AMD prize you thousand Yuan purchase discount "promotions will also start. Until November 15, where a registered AMD the Julong Meeting friends in the SNS space Aion Extreme gaming notebook with ASUS AMD K Series blog posts a chance to win thousand Yuan purchase discount. AMD will be ranked according to number of responses for the blog article, the top 5 and 6-15 contestants will receive 4000 yuan and 1000 yuan vouchers provided by AMD in its purchase of ASUS AMD Aion K series of games When can be deducted the corresponding cash. (For details, click on the the Julong Meeting)
ASUS AMD K Series Aion Extreme game of this is to work together to launch high-performance custom theme by AMD, Asus and Shanda tripartite notebook equipped with AMD's high-performance mobile computing platforms, ATI high-performance graphics. Specifically tailored for "Aion" game, the full range of products are equipped with "Aion Extreme Games Package",aion moneybut also with exclusive ASUS "Ice cool cool cool technology to help players to easily get started and do sharing the fun of the game.
Regardless of whether the "Aion" loyal players, such a high-performance theme customized game this is worth trying. So what? Quickly into the specified ASUS store, together with Aion, Coser Xuandong stores now!
K40 dark transparent, deep tones hidden gold pattern, emitting a mysterious atmosphere. "Chocolate" keyboard, 14-inch HD LED backlit screen, 16:9 mainstream proportion to plus IceCool cool cool thermal design, wizard-like glare of K40 allow players to stay away from visual fatigue, distress, and enjoy the lasting passion and fun experience.
Smart supremacy of the K40 has the Athlon II X2 The M320 high-performance processor, the mainstream of nuclear power to easily respond to a number of routine tasks; new generation ATI Mobility RadeonHD4570 new stand-alone chip, make the picture clearer, more realistic light and shadow, the effect is more robust, DirectX10 .1 strong support, coupled with superior performance in UVD2 HD hardware decoding, with AMD CPU, GPU design and manufacturing advantages, the ASUS K40 Wizard feature filling completely. ASUS K40 magic price point is only 4599 yuan. The high cost gamers can not refuse. The world in a compelling and powerful "Aion" K40 moment with players blood campaign,cheap aion kinathe hot topic "invincible hand".


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