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Into the Abyss world of Aion,aion goldopen, powerful demon imprisoned in the Abyss world dragon class is awakened, and began their revenge on the world. A around between angels, demons and dragons epic battle Storm. To accomplish the mission of saving the world, players embark on a long journey ... you may Mozu a ... may also be a day family ........ but the fantasy world with their own will to change is how great things .. and this will be to you to decide! Fly .... eternal song .. praise you .... fly .... eternal spring .. shining on your future ..... coming right ..... eternal the Tower: Aion, you change the world! Believe in angels, believe in the devil, and believe, "Aion," "Aion," the world, players can choose two factions: "The Choosen" (gods) and "The Fallen" (Fallen) ... "Aion: The The Tower Of Eternity "is the first South Korean online game giant NCsoft put all Korean online game development elite, carefully polished production of a new generation of fantasy MMORPGs, is a set of products of the culmination of the NCsoft development capacity. "Aion" has a completely different style to the existing MMORPG Lineage II. The development team seeks to achieve in the game the player's actions around the world changes, then changes in the world and then, in turn, affect the players of this circular relationship, "the three ethnic strife in the world", and "different from the science fiction and original fantasy style world. "
The singularity is different from science fiction, fantasy style world - game designers have made a lot of ideas,buy aion goldhoping to create a different world. Neither is a sci-fi style is not a fantasy style, but not too weird but people can not understand. This point, we can go through the game screenshots, original paintings and video experience carefully.
Screen performance - NCsoft production team to make "Aion" inherited a South Korean online game has always been gorgeous screen with a refreshing sense of the battle, at the same time combines the successful elements of other online games, for example, in "Aion" game character can squat. station, jumping (somersaults effect), wings in the air, pure mouse operation, or use the keyboard WASD to ... Yes, World of Warcraft players, especially familiar with this key.
The influence of players to interact with the world - the existing online games,aion moneyincluding Lineage II, players are subject to the developer to create the world. "Aion," the interaction between the players and the game can change the gaming world. Particularly large number of examples of players, such as a village which has only two stores, if you go to one shop, this shop can buy things will be more and more thriving. Another will over time continue to downsize, and finally closed down. In addition, the game map expansion is no longer rely only on the patch or piece of information, players can explore a new area through their own actions, and even build their own underground city .. In this design, each player will be able to enjoy the change to bring the fun of the game world, will bring more changes in the world, players will determine their own destiny. The same time, "Aion" the status of each server in the future will be different, due to the different actions of the players presents a very different game world and game environment ...
Three ethnic strife in the world - of NCsoft absorb the successful experience of the "World of Warcraft" game in the camp on the forces set, "Aion" designed "family", "inferno" and "Dragon", the story mainly around the three war started, you can achieve large-scale "ethnic vs race. Players can be days, family or Mozu, while Dragon is a monster and NPCs. "Aion" in the three races are not always hostile. Day family and Mozu can work together to attack the Dragon, also can store the NPC as a companion to narrow the scope of the territory of hostile players. The game is not a pure PvP is so simple, how to dispose of the third force "Aion," large-scale PvP key. In this setting, the PvP combat in Aion, will complicate the - obviously, the balance will be the development team will address an important issue. In addition, "Aion," trying to create a new mode of fighting PvPvE including design a variety of new forms of monster, with unprecedented ways to attack the player,cheap aion kinaso that the players in the game of adventure full of a fresh sense of experience ...


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