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AION must know the skills Empty AION must know the skills

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Rose to 30 last night,aion goldthe equipment is still relatively garbage, weapons, clothes, pants, shoes are 18 =Then completed a 31's mission to get a green weapons, fairly good, but with 19 weapons to attack almost 19 weapons +9
Spend another 120,000 to buy a Stigmata Stone, CD10 seconds, 15 seconds team personnel plus 100 weapons defense, defensive shield 100 evasive 100, all attributes 100, group P or brush JY, BOSS practical skills is too blue, about 300. .
Here is not to say that the experience of the law enforcement, because law enforcement easy to play, is still finishing law enforcement experience and information, post detailed.
Our district is on the 18th to start charging fee,buy aion goldI want to say a few AION must have awareness and skills council, because of late tasks, Daguai, PK is very important, we must be clear.
On the chat dialog box settings, which we must know the mouse to click on the chat box will appear in the upper left corner of the label option, we must take the third-party fighting information marked hook, and then set an eye-catching color in the sub-options selected enemy combat information, NPCs, and we cancel, so that, as long as those around you (about 100M-200M) as long as there Mozu use the skills of your dialog box will Tip If you do not set well, then you either leveling or Daguai in the abyss, are innocent of the attack out! That the next experience,aion kinaif you find the dialog box prompts: XXX to enter stealth, then you want to see around the person of the same family, if not then you should be careful in the first time, is probably at you to! If a dialog box prompts a group of people in the use of skills, so is the enemy to crush, your first time looking for friendly forces, or a more secure method is went to the family NPCs stronghold that, otherwise you will die miserable.
Equipment information released in the dialog box, very simple, is to open the backpack, and then open the dialog box, the CTRL + right-click and equipment can be, the same method can be used in the description of the location, open the map, CTRL + right-click map can be marked with the map location to facilitate lookup. Points available in the abyss, found Mozu position, the first time to cry, do not let Mozu too wild, sweeping our leveling points
(3) the absolute abyss upgrade to block than the days of family, it is undeniable, but the PK is inevitable not, and most of the attack in this environment, the lower levels do not mean your Ou Bisi point,aion moneycarry with them a few moments back to the red pill 1800 or 2500 red drug, as well as flight time, 1 minute, are 200 Ou Bisi a, there is the solution of state medicine.
Brush FB, kill the BOSS brush JY Association of essential items, please attitude must seriously, we must obey orders, not to unauthorized actions, always pay attention to the situation around, to prevent strange hit refresh the flat-footed. Otherwise, you cited a strange, out of annihilated. In team activities, must be careful not to use group attack skills. . .
(5), then in the abyss of leveling is not recommended to set resurrection point in the abyss, it is best to set el within the fortress, because no money el within the fortress to the abyss, but from the abyss back to the fort to spend a small gold, oh. . . Of course, if someone in the combo points with the resurrection device, you quickly log on and save you a lot of time. . .
If you are leveling when people attack began DOT, then the first thing you do not find someone or escape, but the use of defensive skills, and then see each other occupation and location, if you feel you can rally on the play strange still hit you, then ran away. Escape skills, the more practical of the NPC first, quickly returned to family that,cheap aion kinathe second is to open the wings to fly out and then free fall (be sure to have a good time) and then open the wings.


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