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The time off really fast,aion goldI have four days of closed beta experience. The on-line at 4:30 on March 29. Offline time on March 30 at 5:00 am The log will be referred to the Abyss and PK patience to Kane.
First account for the next grade or pull off the assembly line after I had risen to 28, successfully learn a skill, so we can see that the skills are three to learn. This time to bring special skills to introduce the star bow combos where a 3 trigger skills spiral arrow, this skill is used in bursts after, but I personally always felt that the skills introduced aspects if one of the two skills of the bursts and spiral arrow describes write anti-bursts of a 10 percent chance of release of said attack, spiral arrow, not this sentence, but after repeated experiments, the probability of the bursts of 100% spiral arrows release probability was 10% when I use blocking arrows - even archery - spiral arrow, much of chance are only two skills, three spiral arrow skills will not be with out. It is a look at the RP skills. Power is not particularly large. Because I reached 25 off the assembly line yesterday, so this afternoon I have an on-line character is 27 and has stood the Abyss
The abyss is a very large map of the main city mailbox, groceries, escrow, equipment purchase, honor Exchange. The map is equipped with a relatively complete. 2 side of the map the distribution of the days races and Mozu player and the NPC, continue to occur PK fight this kind of thing, the whole map is a a fragmented platform patchwork, so go on the map, the flight is indispensable less, so the air war is a frequent occurrence. Abyss great feature is the ORBIS (seems to be called this, WOW similar rank) each to kill a hostile race of the players can get a certain amount of honor (temporarily call it so I can determine the change over abyss map, kill a strange also available Honor, 8-12 ranging from the inside, there are several cycle tasks can be done,buy aion goldeach complete a task award will be presented 80-100 ranging from the honor of the players. honor in the main city of the abyss or the inside of the temple of bliss following exchange 30 equipment (in this case we have to pay attention to the abyss of exchange, just some green installed, can be redeemed in bliss, there is still the best blue-installed, now my goal is that 30 of the blue bow, five grooves! jealous ~ ~) to exchange a piece of equipment needed to honor from 1W5 - 5W range, so please be cautious exchange because it is really brush up tired, I brush 3 only 2W5.
Say the abyss of the strange, strange types of relatively small, but also contains a variety of strange, remote, warrior-type blood, as well as a Master type. Generally play the game experience more strange to see the name of basic can be judged. (In this special supplement, there are a few of the strange in the sky, especially the back, a strange memory XXX, it is recommended that the Cleric and Chanter do not play the blame will use a skill, the target can not be used to increase blood skills or eat red medicine, career and own their own treatment of these two single brush changed a nightmare.)
To say about PK again yesterday, very fortunate to brush strange abyss, to sit down and rest, and watched a few others PK is also involved in several dishes, all grades in the 25 + (25 + to get into the abyss it) I and the wizard star, killing star, star bow, and one does not know law enforcement or cure the star, will add their own snow, Flanagan long stick, it will faint.aion kinaSaid PK, I have to add the description of the stigma skills in the eternal world, a lot of stigma skills, other occupations, I am not very clear, Take I play Star of the bow, there are four silent arrows, sleep arrows, retired X-cut, arrows, I have said before, arrows just as the relatively high attack the flat trajectory to look at the first three skills useful in PK is quite large. Sleep and withdrawal X to cut the enemy in sleep, all the attributes +500 (looks like this now, not in do not know) this time, not let the star bow to kill the enemy sleep arrows the time, it is the star bow in the opened position this time, and response skills CD PK helpful, be counted on to be very effective control skills. Deflected X cut, is the star bow instantly to leave the opponent 25M distance. Teleport similar to the Master, when the enemy close, this trick is very good
Skills here, then talk about PK. I because never played 3D games, so the PK for 3D games, and really not very good at, I'm just as other strange or skills to play, so I kept losing, but slowly touched the threshold.
The beginning of the PK Wizard star war came out, playing the wizard star is equivalent to pull the two strange, but a melee, and the other department of the Master, hit which became a problem. At first I thought the wizard star can very quickly get to full power towards the wizard star playing her wizard bite hurt.
Finally, I think a glue trap skills, character in the trap can be very time be able to resume the wizard star baby in a long time, and even feel strange time long, but this skill is no clear said how much time can be in, so it is unstable, sometimes only seconds,aion moneyand sometimes can stick to other people more than 10 seconds. First put a trap to throw in their own front, rushing baby first, and then wrestle with the back of the master. Personally think that is feasible, but not experimental, the other other place to play.
After the talk about the mysterious occupation, and that anyway, sacrifice a career. One began to play casually, so little chance of winning did not completely dead was the dish, He rushed to the halo, a set of skills to play down, I'll touch the half blood, follow me playing that running, and it has been killed their own confused and disoriented, after I saw the other master bow star PK know about to use which skills, how to use a little fight with this person will be a war of attrition, but it does not work, kill. After the summary, killed Sacrificial occupation in early, you want to only live in the halo of his time, and instantly give the fatal blow, otherwise, the basic kill. Unless it has been consumed, his blue depletion.
Again is to kill the stars have to say, kill the star is indeed the PK occupational instant damage output is really high and scary high. In particular, touched me this rookie, the Council will be able to get rid of me. After I read this to kill the stars and one star bow PK that star bow hit the mark of sleep and back X to cut the stigma.
The play is similar to flying a kite, has been blocking the bursts Assault arrow poison dart lock sets and the other consumption of kite-flying put checkmate. When the skills to run out of sleep. Back to the CD, and then continue. But to kill the star looks like a move to accelerate what will be able to close. Star bow retreat X cut opened to a distance of 25 meters, but because of environmental issues, one would still be close. But after seeing personally feel that a high level of star bow and kill the star, if the operation is almost the case, should have to fight. And fight to look good.
Is the log of 4 I thank you for support. I hope today woke up, my dear Manman number reaches 30. HOHO ~ ~ ~
Had wanted a few pictures up in accordance with the practice of hair, but Dieyi do something, so this cross-sectional diagram are the beauties of the full-screen cross-sectional,cheap aion kinatemporarily not made a


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