buy Aion gold must be done in order to enter this third mission of the dragon world

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buy Aion gold must be done in order to enter this third mission of the dragon world Empty buy Aion gold must be done in order to enter this third mission of the dragon world

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The task is to collect five task items, the task of source materials in the 51 single copy "Caspar inside", inside 3 small BOSS, kick down the tasks that will fall products. Meaning that the task can only collect three items, so at least the next two to complete copies of brand mission. Note: The copy of the CD48 hours. So would like to open branded children's shoes to be considered into this copy is 52? Or 51 into? Yes, a copy buy Aion gold must be done in order to enter this third mission of the dragon world, "Oder man Builder abnormal," while doing the mission will let into the 51 single copy. First of all, say that an average mark slot. The only characters to 55, the system will automatically open.We all know, the national dress is now 1.9 times. Click the shortcut P, ??"the role of information" - "mark of the Stone" will find that there are three brand slot is not open.This brand of slot 3 is 2.0 times to be open. This brand of slot 3 is the common mark a trough, and the rest is the superior brand of the two slots. To Mozu example "AION" is NCSOFT Korea launched another online game, although the images and scenes, and "Paradise 2" also take the high fantasy style, but in the game of design, more emphasis on "players of the world, the world of players" interactive cycle between players will be more in-depth feel that they are part of the game world. Exactly how the performance of such interaction change? For example, there are only two shops in a village, if one player in particular the shop more than another over time and will continue to downsize, and finally closed down, while the other side of the store to buy things will be increasingly more. As for the game map, the more dynamic nature of performance, such as extractive mining the time, they may find the entrance to a crypt. In the present MMORPG, players expand the area of ??activity to be carried out only by the game's upgrade or piece of data, but in the "AION"aion gold among the players can rely on their own actions to carry out the expansion of new areas, and this will cause the serverdifferences in the degree of the map. PVE is the abbreviation of Player VS Enviroment, that player vs environment, and PVP relative, referring to the challenges in the game in which players control games by npc monsters and boss, sometimes also known as PVC (Player Vs Computer), in online games, mainly referring to the powerful challenge of BOSS and other activities.PVP is Player VS Player of the acronym refers to the battle between the player and the player, such as we often say that the field PK, battle, siege warfare, Arena, flags belong to PVP. PVE PVE equipment is suitable for the equipment in the game, it is often said that a copy of the installation, usually play with a copy of all such equipment, from large copy of the task, just for badges and professional production.PVP equipment commonly known as uniforms, tough equipment, and the arena for the major battlefield, the battlefield to fight to kill the general PK wear this equipment is low-level war for honor and brands, the majority of high scores and grades for the arena , a small number of copies of the top jewelry in there falls.The total is known to those of pure PVP route to go free in online network games, regardless of camp games or just the trade union-based game Ye Hao, in the early and middle stages of development, because the player groups, personal development and the existence of imbalance will produce a large number of malicious PVP. Cause the number of games before the game is not matured to a substantial decline, or even abort the game ... Now in testing and under development in the foreign large-scale online games, basically the main content for the game to PVE to PVP the way an invitation or supplement arena. Players can choose the race is not the enemy of the basic points, so the game can accommodate two kinds of players to group PVE and PVP from each other and do not conflict, but also to avoid the phenomenon because of too many malicious PVP players early in the game due to a huge loss ... Dragon Valley from last year to this year's TERA, the sword of the Spirit next year, to the future is still a paradise for the production of III, are unwavering in taking this route.Pain prompted the task of dialogue is the egg, cheap aion kina but only to open your brand is not necessary to continue the dialogue go on (unless the fight monastery hidden room BOSS). When the copy to the lake crossing the hall, you will find two NPC, click on NPC "Huma Egypt" will be the task "[team] in retaliation Huma Egypt", click on the NPC "Bu Hema" will be the task "[team] does not complete the task", task to eliminate the channel monster. 5: BOSS Do not avoid the end of the first hit channel, the reasons below have said. Immediately after the elimination of the task and the corresponding monster NPC dialogue, then the task will be respectively "[team] destroy the courage to show up Mana Dar" and "[team] have to complete the final task" that is eliminated by the curse of Bukhara . The two channels at the end of both BOSS is BOSS, destroyed after the NPC dialogue and the corresponding products will get the task, "Ling-hui incense" and "decision reel." With these two tasks can go to the goods sector the main city and mark the dragon celebrity "Gallas" dialogue, Yours 2.0 mark all successful open hole! ! This task is done to complete the first trip to the monastery. Then is a series of small tasks, dialogue, Paolu something. Etc. to "[team] to collect followers of the ancient literature Dragon", the Congratulations, you have to enter another copy of the "abandoned Wu Dasi Temple," you can only place a task product, 1: "Document" task items position below have said. When the task is completed and the NPC "He Erka" dialogue, you can mark in the world famous Dragon "Gallas" that received a mark last slot task, namely, "[team] to open a new pit, imprint of slot ", is the task requires two products," Ling-hui incense "and" decision reel ", which two tasks need to go to the monastery a copy of goods received. 2: "Soul incense" and "decision reel," the source below have said. When the second went to the temple if only to mark opening slot, the temple must be a normal mode. 3: As for why open mark the second time into the temple must be the normal mode will be explained below. Pa corresponds to the task of off-Mandir temple, when completed, "the material of respondents call" task, the next step is to "call respondents Wu Tela." NPC said that a closer look is the same person, "Wu Tela" (monasteries NPC), 4: NPC "Wu Tela" position below have said. aion money Finally, said the most difficult and most painful of the superior brand of eggs slot. The role of the brand want to open slots to reach 55. Mark in front of the slot to open a series of pre-tasks that are into the "55 Pa Hugh Mandir temple," the pre-task. Roles, such as grade 55, the main city in the dragon world's 60 most inside NPC Malekutan agent heroine, "Herrell" that the next task "search Dragon followers to send teams", and then a series of eggs before the pain set the task begins. Methods 178 specific tasks or play should have a relevant post. In fact, according to task instructions step by step to do.And other tasks to "[team] to assassinate seal guardian" when entering the temple to begin the first copy of the. Temple wasteland of course to choose normal mode, or you will regret it. Mode selection only the squad leader in the door Click the door of the temple on the line chosen, the proposed fixed team. When the first trip to the successful completion of the temple, Congratulations, you mark the task has been completed by 60%. Why do I say that because the temple when the fixed team play a variety of BOSS, and the seal can defeat the final guardian of the porter, this temple has no difficulty normal mode, and other brand full, and you can challenge a difficult pattern temple. Then, said the two remaining slots of the first higher mark. The need to rise to 52 characters in the Dragon world famous brand "Gallas" that the next task "Brand Stone celebrity understanding", etc. When people reach 52 there is the task prompt. aion kinaThe task is to collect five task items, the task of source materials in the 51 single copy "Caspar inside", inside 3 small BOSS, kick down the tasks that will fall products.


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