"Aion" can fly, although the flight time is very short

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"Aion" can fly, although the flight time is very short Empty "Aion" can fly, although the flight time is very short

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aion gold but the content is better than Fantasy numerous ... ... Summary: If the game client can be smaller, if the flight time can be longer, I think this game is really perfect ... ... "Aion" is absolutely worthwhile experience a game! Aion, a number of years, people look forward to the game, its biggest feature is the air system, from top to bottom, left, before and after the full range of vision of people's blood boiling PK, can be said that only play good air, can be a real play to the characteristics of Aion. However, so far most of the players are accustomed to the ground PK, the air is still very strange, so I hereby on their own experience, finishing the Magic Star war experience. This experience, and only encounter for the abyss, where you can not fly for other regions, but not for fortress war, part of the experience for fortress war, but not all professional players for the players by the Alliance for the professional game studio device for parity games deal ! This is not for the technology, not imputed Star Magic should explore how to use skills, how to use the skills to play nanny should only be for the abyss of air awareness and coping skills with players required: 1, good 3D feeling, most of the players on an air dizziness, because not only look around, in particular, but also concerned about the up and down, is a test of central nervous system, the proposed dizziness players in their own abyss of the main city into the air, then parades around the field around it, you do not faint Shashi Hou had to pass it? Haha 2, a broad perspective, you will use peripheral vision to focus on two places at the same time, because you PK, you only have to stare at the screen, but also pay attention to the lower left corner of the enemy channels (with known anti- Wolf channel), to react immediately flew out of red only an entry-field rotation, and the magic you want to PK, the red channel random flash of the enemy situation, to keen to find a new name appears, you do not have to see what is the name of the new enemy, but we must know there have been better to do something to prepare, if the reinforcements, the first time to escape. Settings: 1, www.thjy.co the farthest horizon, the fastest rotation angle, not much to say 2, air-conditioned call is very important, often the final fatal blow was shot dead air, proposals must be set to a special shortcut keys easily, given the Magic skill too handy shortcut keys have been more likely to run out, the proposed set CapsLock key, very easy under the current network environment, VPN agent bred as a good solution to this problem, greatly improve the speed and global Internet connectivity to ensure data transmission security . 3, the computer is not good, and when bestbuy aion gold | to lower the air is set, or card frames, and very serious consequences Notes: 1, the shackles of winter air can not be bound to live the enemy, only to break the hidden, this mode of binding effect only in the ground useful, meaning that you must put the move on the ground, but also for the ground and into the air, but the enemy from the ground within a distance of 3M's useful to the enemy, simply explain that you put in the ground, bound in winter, the enemy are on the ground, 15M he would be within bound, or the enemy just wings, can also be tied, but once up and fly, then the distance from the ground than 3M, and put your skills on a white (this needs to be confirmed, because no experiments done more) 2, air combat, the attack against the left mouse button moves a certain point, the best WASD RF operation, this point is to prevent your enemy is not careful the.do not put an to a, while flying for some distance and then fly to a place, so in order to pin down the enemy, so that they can reduce the number of tracks, and then kill the convergence of the network of professional players free games Leveling, supply and demand information and the latest good-looking game Raiders news, registration information. (5) certain elements of live teammates in order to observe the target for his teammates, teammates once attacks, you can immediately point to the enemy, then a skill, it will automatically fly to the enemy that 3-man operation, we must kill a single Do not 1V2, good character unless you stone to launch the second person of God, to see two enemy chasing you, immediately before fleeing 4, the third renewal, when two enemy chasing you, stop to escape it, point the front ground, and then observe the rear, if only one enemy chasing you, care must be taken, should an enemy still to come, you did not see it vision? Can be brought under control, a period of observation, it did not kill the enemy reinforcements, yes, continue to escape 5, in the ground, to see the channel display stealth 1 enemy, the bow star, immediately opening the eyes, angle looking up, temporarily does not fly, a teleport attack immediately, and then fly the air war more nausea Star bow, bow silence can be the solution of 6 Star, in the ground, to see the channel display hidden enemy 2, kill the star, flew open wings, etc. about 5 seconds, put the shackles of winter, aion kina | if not hit now, they fly the air, press Q or E beat about the bush, his stealth depletion 7, see Magic combat is control, control of living, you tend to base success on this side of the 8, on the ground, I saw the screen above the red, it is demonic hell fire, immediately teleport, fly up, first put silence 9, air play nanny, but also a relatively high level team to join and enjoy the fun of hunting team. In the team, usually with the benefit of the law enforcement can produce complementary co-star joint, thereby further consolidating its position as the main treatment. Star is the team as a necessary healing role, usually very busy so the role of popular, people often receive requests for team and mine. 3.PvP / fortress in the 1:1 case, the cure stars often show a tough side.Although not a cure for the resilience of strong star, and no opponent can suppress the lethality hypnosis skills or powerful, but the biggest advantage of cured star to use healing skills and adhere to their own to win the final moment. War in the fortress,usually as a comrade in the army back to recuperate for the task.In order to improve the treatment, cure must be equipped with cloth star with a higher spiritual power of the armor, so often become the targets to kill the number one star. In addition, in order to occupy the fortress, the powerful patron will be knocked down, the stars and in the surprise attack cure (Raid) is very busy in the same popularity. Chanter - versatile multi-talented star cure if a cure is to focus on the job, then the star is a law enforcement career to focus on the gain. As a generalist, law enforcement Star Star has cured more than hunting ability, and the mantra of the persistent In short, ?°http://bbs.thjy.co/ what the players want to try it,?± law enforcement Star is a good choice. Alone in terms of capacity, of course, not as law enforcement the ability to star in a direction that focused on career. However, if you are confident that through comprehensive ability to make up for this flaw, I believe you should not choose for themselves the Chanter and regret. Pain prompted the task of dialogue is the egg, but only to open your brand is not necessary to continue the dialogue go on (unless the fight monastery hidden room BOSS). When the copy to the lake crossing the hall, you will find two NPC, click on NPC "Huma Egypt" will be the task "[team] in retaliation Huma Egypt",aion money | click on the NPC "Bu Hema" will be the task "[team] does not complete the task", task to eliminate the channel monster. BOSS Do not avoid the end of the first hit channel, the reasons below have said. Immediately after the elimination of the task and the corresponding monster NPC dialogue, then the task will be respectively "[team] destroy the courage to show up Mana Dar" and "[team] have to complete the final task" that is eliminated by the curse of Bukhara . The two channels at the end of both BOSS is BOSS, destroyed after the NPC dialogue and the corresponding products will get the task, "Ling-hui incense" and "decision reel." With these two tasks can go to the goods sector the main city and mark the dragon celebrity "Gallas" dialogue, Yours mark all successful open hole! This task is done to complete the first trip to the monastery. Then is a series of small tasks, dialogue, Paolu something. Etc. to "to collect followers of the ancient literature Dragon", the Congratulations, you have to enter another copy of the "abandoned Wu Dasi Temple," you can only place a task product, "Document" task items position below have said. When the task is completed and the NPC "He Erka" dialogue, you can mark in the world famous Dragon "Gallas" that received a mark last slot task, namely, "[team] to open a new pit, imprint of slot ", is the task requires two products," Ling-hui incense "and" decision reel ", which two tasks need to go to the monastery a copy of goods received."Soul incense" and "decision reel," the source below have said. When the second went to the temple if only to mark opening slot, the temple must be a normal mode.As for why open mark the second time into the temple must be the normal mode will be explained belowPa corresponds to the task of off-Mandir temple, when completed, "the material of respondents call" task, the next step is to "call respondents Wu Tela." NPC said that a closer look is the same person, When the first trip to the successful completion of the temple, Congratulations,cheap aion kina |


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