Character skills in Knight(part eight)

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Character skills in Knight(part eight) Empty Character skills in Knight(part eight)

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 24, 2009 12:58 am

Dear friends, here is Mmooffers!

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Every true member that has ever been part of this family has left it's mark. Here you can get the most secure Knight powerleveling. From oldies like Kaltor, Fritz, Scal, SupS, Utossa, Cr33per, Darken, Vert, GimmeGimme, ELizaB, Provert, Faisal, Kenny, Ulquiorro, etc to the current people that are in control of this great family. Many good players have come and go on but EverLong is still here. You could never ever met with a bunch of people so friendly like in EverLong. What started as a small clan ended up being a 3 clan family and the most dominant clan in Karus over time. You have been here from the beginning and you are here to stay. You should be helpful as no other clan. Very well organised when it comes to XP, BOss hunting, PK, and just anything a group of people does. You could meet ups and downs but you always managed to move on. Also when it comes to fighting [3rd party tool], you can hardly find a group of people that has done so much to try and fight that pest.

If you have any interests, please come here and our service is for 24 hours every day. We promise you will be greatly satisfied here!

Thanks for your reading and have fun.


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