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Love story filled with good vision and hope, love, what color, what color is it eternal? The Tower of Eternity in the second princess and the prince seems to have similar good in the next lifetime of happinessaion gold. - Sequence. Happy agreement It is said that the game should not be too serious, I do anything it is a very serious and dedicated people, always are, with a heated heart, has an amazing somehow vicious. Perhaps this is me, only me. Been thinking about what is eternity? Just how long eternity? How kind of time is considered is eternal? Maybe, just a feeling eternity, even if only the game buy aion gold that just a few minutes, made ??me feel happy that eternal feeling. It seems as long as with you, even if only sit quietly and bow-spoken, listen to the voice of the night, perhaps this is the eternal green, green is the color of evergreen, a symbol of eternal endless. If you love to use one color to interpret it, is pink. Love brings a dream and hope, people will always have a wait and dream of flying with joy, people always look like a princess in waiting the arrival of the prince. Then the interpretation of the timeless colors, I would choose green. Only this endless colors, will make people see the light of hope, people will have a limitless vision for the future with hope. Aion has been playing for quite a while, the game of life the colorful country, so that loss of life, I also see a little light. Perhaps because the network is next to a network, so you can make your own mind about the release, lost its way when there are places open mind. Curl Ping Ping is a cool-cool April wind it? Imagine blowing wind in our face, stroking our faces, our hearts are blown. Time, twist one in our hands, as if the youth of the green, tied tightly in our arms. Shallow green exudes a deep sense of anger, a touch of floral Road, said a deep affection. Miao Miao is fluttering there were numerous rain in April do? The memory of falling in around us, just like in April with a romantic Hua Banyu next, happiness, skim cup in our hands, as if the sweet pink, rotating around the aion kina around us. "Hello beautiful! You are really beautiful white silk dress!" Gently, gently from his mouth was saying. I moved, this time forever branded in my heart, forever. . . Forever. I dressed in white happy, your heart will always be the most beautiful you? Happiness is the most beautiful girl wearing a beautiful white and like the people together, even though the game know this is only the moment, and I look forward to this time to stop, leaving the beautiful moments. The game between us feel so secret, where no power of oppression, the struggle is not fame, not the desire of luxury, as we do not insist, like flowers blooming, bright fireworks just like the feeling of happiness, the feeling of that moment is eternal ; we do not force their friends to vanity alone two people sharing a quiet lake quietly; regardless of how the years, regardless of how the future, in this moment between us that is eternal. Nestling between the lake tightly, listening to you whisper in the ear, rain, unconsciously closed his eyes, enjoying the moment that this is a joy and happiness. This time, I had not tell how much the world in the end, happiness filled my mind was very full, as if the world only to each other aion money each other only. Now just have to feel happy now that magnify this is enough. "Aion" is a famous Korean company NCsoft last five years developing a new generation of fantasy production MMORPG game with epic background of the game, beautiful game quality, realistic character modeling and Great game music. It consists of three component ethnic strife in the world, players are free to play, or family day Inferno, and with the opposite race and the Dragon for large-scale fighting. Game players not only to provide a PvPvE Space, but also the emotional changes player reward system and the combined stress interaction with the game players, the desire to Players and game cheap aion kina integration of the world, and create a new change.


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