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The Descent, killing star of God explains the technology will not learn. 2, <a href="">aion gold</a>avoid the contract. 3, God speed contract. 4, hit the contract, it says a lot of the benefits. 5, the smoke should be avoided for the elite condemnation of the high of 1700 + and after using this skill I hit the physical occupation of fewer opportunities. Escape special ah. After all, people should also have one second xanthate eat it, basically a smokescreen gang fights when they have been less suffer three times, with the skills to avoid a very great chance to run away, or kill the strong one. Game cards sold low-cost, zero-risk, free home delivery, full range, making money is so easy, allowing you to play while the game to make money. 6, consciousness, or shadow walk, steal people fleeing immediately canceled when the open gain 200 points to avoid. I feel it can be psychological, shadow walk to cracks essential, but unfortunately I do not now how many plug-ins installed, go directly into the consciousness openly - and, while I still have the status of their stealth skills. 7, javelin throw & spread of toxin, the obs I use coated poison dart down on the obs I change what is basically the fortress, when many people may be able to just hit play about the skills of the other sections to help the teammates . Javelin Well needless to say hurt on the ground with very considerable. Shot in the hands of game players want gold traded through parity device. The introduction of the English parity device IG911 shipping business to provide for a greater profit margins. 8, remote patterns engraved, this skill is well used, is 14m from the explosion hit my attacks hit more than there is for Cloth almost around 1400 damage with my two silencing may click on the silent, but also with a patterns engraved state -0-- and Descent in the past two died under a beast heaven only to note is that the space-time reversal of Magic will lose this time the target point is that they have been slow to reflect the control. This chasing people for what skills are good only 7 seconds shorter CD can also be used to avoid breaking the other's focus on the dark although the patterns can be used to break the 20m distance, but that CD a long time and skills back to the blood or the very substantial You can save and open a balanced star to use the sword. After all, like to kill the star crack to kill Well, time to keep for themselves the next target some useful skills. Free to provide the professional game Leveling players, supply and demand information and the latest good-looking game Raiders news, registration information. Star of the bow to this skill is very useful, and now has a 1.5 bow eye to kill the higher world of the star is not the only solution. You will usually see the bow first open state, as long as his eyes open attack will probably attack more than 10 meters away from a pattern I can focus on defense first, breaking his concentration in his own defense. I am sure if he was shot out of there to avoid counter-attack skills once dark past then Whirlwind, The Descent, after all, can not guarantee that every halo to the next. Even after the beast 3 + air + air burst with 6. He lay dead. Never been a game like "Aion" repeated the same test to be sought after the experience, never measured a number of games such as "Aion" and the same number can be measured in monetary terms, has never been a game to as the "Eternal Tap" as carved away from my computer more than 10 G of space, this is my first impression for the game. Good picture of the game, but also a good video card to match. Although the size of the client to see the game when the game screen will be able to predict good or bad, but when the game was to see my little surprise for a moment. There are people who like to game, and Lineage 2 images for comparison, individuals feel that "Aion" screen is better than "Heaven 2", both released from the spell effect or the details of the game screen. # Title = career in the so-called personalized personalized professional career is not only how much there is to the fine details of facial skin and personal settings, such as design for all to themselves with their own desired shape, each role is not exactly the same, unless it is the default setting. # = The operating system is in the title game of World of Warcraft experience to the game when many of my colleagues as World of Warcraft expansion pack, mainly operating. In a way, we are happy to see the game in the operation to maintain unity, avoid the players to adapt to a new action game time, of course, when the proposed test you do not choose warrior,<a href="">buy aion gold</a>
personally think that many people in the strange little circumstances, or the ability of long-range career has Qiangguai. There was the power of flight games also can fly, I remember its name, but remember it's features, because in addition to flying, I can not find the place more appealing to me; "Aion" can fly, although the flight time is very short, but the content is better than Fantasy numerous ... ... Summary: If the game client can be smaller, if the flight time can be longer, I think this game is really perfect ... ... "Aion" is absolutely worthwhile experience a game! Aion, a number of years, people look forward to the game, its biggest feature is the air system, from top to bottom, left, before and after the full range of vision of people's blood boiling PK, can be said that only play good air, can be a real play to the characteristics of Aion. However, so far most of the players are accustomed to the ground PK, the air is still very strange, so I hereby on their own experience, finishing the Magic Star war experience. This experience, and only encounter for the abyss, where you can not fly for other regions, but not for fortress war, part of the experience for fortress war, but not all professional players for the players by the Alliance for the professional game studio device for parity games deal ! This is not for the technology, not imputed Star Magic should explore how to use skills, how to use the skills to play nanny should only be for the abyss of air awareness and coping skills with players required: 1, good 3D feeling, most of the players on an air dizziness, because not only look around, in particular, but also concerned about the up and down, is a test of central nervous system, the proposed dizziness players in their own abyss of the main city into the air, then parades around the field around it, you do not faint Shashi Hou had to pass it? Haha 2, a broad perspective, you will use peripheral vision to focus on two places at the same time, because you PK, you only have to stare at the screen, but also pay attention to the lower left corner of the enemy channels (with known anti- Wolf channel), to react immediately flew out of red only an entry-field rotation, and the magic you want to PK, the red channel random flash of the enemy situation, to keen to find a new name appears, you do not have to see what is the name of the new enemy, but we must know there have been better to do something to prepare, if the reinforcements, the first time to escape. Settings: 1, the farthest horizon, the fastest rotation angle, not much to say 2, air-conditioned call is very important, often the final fatal blow was shot dead air, proposals must be set to a special shortcut keys easily, given the Magic skill too handy shortcut keys have been more likely to run out, the proposed set CapsLock key, very easy under the current network environment, VPN agent bred as a good solution to this problem, greatly improve the speed and global Internet connectivity to ensure data transmission security . 3, the computer is not good, and when best to lower the air is set, or card frames, and very serious consequences Notes: 1, the shackles of winter air can not be bound to live the enemy, only to break the hidden, this mode of binding effect only in the ground useful, meaning that you must put the move on the ground, but also for the ground and into the air, but the enemy from the ground within a distance of 3M's useful to the enemy, simply explain that you put in the ground, bound in winter, the enemy are on the ground, 15M he would be within bound, or the enemy just wings, can also be tied, but once up and fly, then the distance from the ground than 3M, and put your skills on a white (this needs to be confirmed, because no experiments done more) 2, air combat, the attack against the left mouse button moves a certain point, the best WASD RF operation, this point is to prevent your enemy is not careful the ground, escape, press and hold while pressing W O, side to side to prevent the escape move to remove the left mouse button click, and then point the front of the ground, in order to observe the situation of the latest popular games later, this site offers hundreds of online games and VIP account registration novice card 3, Magic needed one hit kill , but before fleeing to kill air: 1, attack when he flew directly overhead, do not use any skills, direct Hellfire drop down, and then dissolved in ice + silence + fire and other skills, this is very simple, the main attention is if the objects in Daguai, so he finished the strange, the blood was almost back to the resort, so Ou Bisi more, but this is to look at the situation, if he so after strange, is not directly washed down the blood back to a strange, and that direct hit on it, because the attack was found in two bad, one team when (1) you are playing, and team-mate next to you, quickly press the E or Q key, rotation angle, flying around his teammates, retarder, try to put constraints, do not immediately ran away, or teammates can not support you (2) you have been hit, his teammates are not next to you, if you think a person can be singled out, then singled it, if not, then flew to his teammates fly, while team-mate to call you this fly, not flying, the convergence of the reference to the first (3) teammates are playing, if you fly around him, not to say, you succulent, and unhurried output it, If you turn to play, refer to the first, if his teammates immediately ran, no way, you have to also catch up to, first of all put constraints, and then work together to siege (4) the number of these three are the enemy of the following two conditions If the number is too much, divide our forces to escape,<a href=""> aion kina</a> do not put an to a, while flying for some distance and then fly to a place, so in order to pin down the enemy, so that they can reduce the number of tracks, and then kill the convergence of the network of professional players free games Leveling, supply and demand information and the latest good-looking game Raiders news, registration information. (5) certain elements of live teammates in order to observe the target for his teammates, teammates once attacks, you can immediately point to the enemy, then a skill, it will automatically fly to the enemy that 3-man operation, we must kill a single Do not 1V2, good character unless you stone to launch the second person of God, to see two enemy chasing you, immediately before fleeing 4, the third renewal, when two enemy chasing you, stop to escape it, point the front ground, and then observe the rear, if only one enemy chasing you, care must be taken, should an enemy still to come, you did not see it vision? Can be brought under control, a period of observation, it did not kill the enemy reinforcements, yes, continue to escape 5, in the ground, to see the channel display stealth 1 enemy, the bow star, immediately opening the eyes, angle looking up, temporarily does not fly, a teleport attack immediately, and then fly the air war more nausea Star bow, bow silence can be the solution of 6 Star, in the ground, to see the channel display hidden enemy 2, kill the star, flew open wings, etc. about 5 seconds, put the shackles of winter, if not hit now, they fly the air, press Q or E beat about the bush, his stealth depletion 7, see Magic combat is control, control of living, you tend to base success on this side of the 8, on the ground, I saw the screen above the red, it is demonic hell fire, immediately teleport, fly up, first put silence 9, air play nanny, if he hit you place, you can enjoy the abuse If you lose sustained damage skills, and to run away, then the operation is generally a good nurse, tottering foe chasing Mo 10, the air is a surprise attack, the first reaction is to press R to fly up, so the situation can be observed below, you can system for high-advantage, few people can be on the next hit, many people can immediately go somewhere else to escape, to fly a certain distance away wings falling down, falling almost to open their wings in this game can make a lot of games currency, <a href="">aion money</a>trading players like the game quickly to make money online games crazy experience the thrill of it! 11, to escape the ultimate Shazhao ~ ~ up to fly, fly to almost pick a stone or a block-density areas where materials, fly down, flew after twelve seconds their view blocked, then you fly up immediately Or to put an other favorable, then they will think you are flying down, so you escape


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