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Cleric's a little more experience, "Aion" Empty Cleric's a little more experience, "Aion"

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heal old has recently said to me do not want to go play secret elite, always die every day because it would take hundreds of thousands of recovery experience. <a href="">aion gold</a>
Every time I hear these will be very surprised, from my 36 started to brush their teeth on the small elite area died (killed in addition to being dragged away strange). So write about their own experiences, I hope you can help. In order to make money playing this game, you can use this software to sell their device parity hands of the game currency, safe, and fast! There are many articles on the leveling route mentioned, I do not say, can only be cured leveling in fact not slower, growth of my equipment is not magic. Staff take time Danlian, you can actually feel the speed, compared to the guard is already very good, my friend and I (he chose guard) all the way to leveling up, when I did not practice with him, when to see Daguai that his speed I crazy, or the great interest he slowly cut, that is now equipped efficiency has been very good, I really admire the patience. Cured leveling blame at the election compared to bother to try to fight high blood less attack, blame the brush at the same level more efficient. Then talk about double something and cure more than merely increase the blood only, in order to force more efficient. Cleric can breath on the sacred on the discipline and, occasionally go off on a crime, so blame the attack speed reduction, you do not have the extra action, but with discipline and a sacred atmosphere has continued to DOT after the strange, strange even to small groups of brush efficiency, power restoration in the spirit of asceticism and back and forth using two skills, you can let your MP will not be interrupted, to ensure efficiency. The majority of game studios friends of good reputation should be selected businesses receiving ship, so the problem as little as possible in the game the trading process. Then to the equipment selection, I chose a chain of equipment is, all slots with the life stone. Although the equipment can be leather, but still not recommended to wear, because Leather does not increase concentration,<a href="">buy aion gold</a> focus is very useful to prevent the magic break. As for the cloth, then I suggest when you do not wear the elite brush, because defense is too low, then later to brush out a big BOSS when to use, because the MP, after all, a little chain. Play big BOSS MT brush to give blood when they were put Cloth MP limit is much higher, and BOSS are basically remote you can hit the magic, the Mofang Cloth Cloth high so the role is obvious. I changed the level of equipment, 33-35 are 28 level 40. Are preferred with the life of the equipment, when the level to 32 copies when you can brush to brush Vulcan spark 35 green equipment, gloves and boots are also increased with the magic of life and property, very good, so you brush to 35 when the spark should cobble together a set, you can save a lot of money to assemble a good property of the blue containers. Popular favorite players download games, best professional players in the network. I am currently a set of 33 blue 40 blue suits and jewelry (and with all the attributes of life) plus HP BUFF after more than 6,000. To brush with a shield and mace at the elite (jack is the life 75), strong ability to survive. When the level to 39 the task of running shoes should also do a good job, this time can be freely interspersed in the elite, it feels very good, I come and go freely into the elite areas are. I am often in front of the door when they were washed, teammates followed. Destroy missions are basically a team suddenly something and caused riots, my elite team in the following four basic time can easily cope with. Generally when there are usually four guard against the one, to sleep off a mage. This time I will keep a wound. And then to an attack on a relatively high flash, often to remote and inspection team leader, patrol leader is the kind of looked like a monkey, <a href=""> aion kina</a>and crit is very high, to give priority to kill. Attack within 20 seconds the whole flash MISS useful. If the team enough DPS within 20 seconds, then kill enough to make you a reduced pressure, or if the blood out of a fast, rely on DP skills, and of course this is also the co-ordination team are inseparable, we to do has been done, and the rest of his teammates to see. Game cards sold low-cost, zero risk, free home delivery, full range, making money is so easy, the game lets you play while you make money. The following briefly cure PK, I do not like 40 before a large group to group PK, because a war can only be cured in a large group Gaga blood very quickly, the other is far less because of OBS, OBS I play are themselves to the upper one. First, the DP Daguai full, then go. Follow a few rules, kill the mage first and second teams do not touch a cure. In the encounter two people to play when you first go to the Master or archers to fight, if it is the physical occupation of another, then add a flash to him, within 20 seconds a person enough to kill you. Always pay attention to their blood when the blood less than half the time to add their own recovery flash. If 1V1, then there will not be if you do not make mistakes basic job can kill me. Master and I have to go to the inferno map a face to kill the other eight people heap strange when we run, relying on the power to blame the other body, to that of cattle is very poor.<a href="">aion money</a> Of course, we rank higher than the other three or so. But also a very good record, so that cure to play better. In fact, very powerful. Choose good quality VPN agent can maximize the possibility to avoid the title, the game studio alliance is conducive to long-term stability and development. These are some small personal Shaguai leveling experience, AION set of cure very satisfied I think it is


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