Aion to make money reselling it is really very profitable

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Aion to make money reselling it is really very profitable Empty Aion to make money reselling it is really very profitable

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Aion Gold earned the eternal now more and more difficult,Aion to make money reselling it is really very profitable

Aion Gold earned the eternal now more and more difficultAion gold which is shared by all identified.
As the saying goes: All roads lead to Rome! But when a section of the road have been perfect when I blocked the door how to do?
Fog opened the box only 5 times, piccolo task into binding non-tradable goods, and the reward after the expedition is very difficult to gather the world's trees, making each day, the only Magic College aion kina way, while others players, for example, I am more lazy, hate to run the task, then rely on making money?
I make money by reselling things, and forums, but slightly different from others, and now teaches most of the forum post is to teach people reselling crystal ingot article or a class of things, I is not, I mainly reselling equipment and weapons , and maybe we will be dismissive of that, the equipment is set late binding, how much you earn reselling aion kinah! ! In fact, you wrong, equipment is the most profitable, is the huge profits! ! !
I'm approaching 75, when most players dedicated reselling arms 75 are generally blue reselling CK, and the reason is not to say, difficult to play because of previous confession it is well known, and 75 tasks to the blue arms Also not goodaion Kinah[/url so 75CK weapons sell well, and I often visit this time the market, the beginning of the 75 blue-CK weapons usually around 10 a few 20W Aion powerleveling, I received a lot of the hoard, note that property to be good, junk not to buy an average of about a collected 15W. Accumulation of about 3 days I started to sell, selling at least 50W per the above, there is one I bought resell 10W a 110W, 3 days probably earned about 3500W. After that I do not reselling, because many people follow suit.
More things I will not stop until the middle of the money began to observe the market for some time, I have found many high-end players have 90, but they took the jewelry, in addition to the brush retaining Phantom F, other jewelry are not how good, so I have seen the opportunities, I began to frequent the transfer market, mainly to see 90 of the jewelry, the jewelry was not hit 90 markets, 30 are also the most expensive or cheap 40W, I picked JP hoarding a few properties, probably hoarding it a week, 90 jewelry market began to fire, and this time I throw the hands of the jewelry, and every kind of put more than 100W Aion Gold, there are actually a perfect fit demons Necklace +25 Strength +21 Agility +65 85 attacks dark is sold 240W high price[url=]aion money and I received this necklace when it spent a 80W, this is my revenue reselling more than 500W.
Perhaps we see here, think I'm bragging, but I want to tell you I do not need to blow, and here I did not bragging, I just want to make my aion kina methods and to share with you!
Finally, I would also like to caution you about, though profits reselling equipment is required, but your eyes must be accurate, must be to observe the movements of the market situation and the players, or you're buying is likely to hit his hand.
There is also a little trick to tell you. Reselling some of the things you want is not the time to see more games against ranked! Why, look not tell you to look at his top level and rank the door, is to observe their equipment, high-end players often patronize the leveling, when they rushed to a certain level of equipment, there will be over when the gas behind the situation, What we need is to seize this opportunity to sell what they need, RMB Aion Gold is the best player to earn, as long as they are the good things you do not begrudge the money.
I hope my post will give you some inspiration! buy Aion gold I wish you prosperity! ! !


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