volcanic lake near the stone

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volcanic lake near the stone  Empty volcanic lake near the stone

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, the Raiders articles. Simple Strategy.aion gold 1-30.BOSS code 1-3 just come out to accept doing simple tasks easy to play Daguai 3-5 Grade 3 reconnaissance here who pay attention to (the bow, not full-time career kill the star) three teachers can go Xinshoucun skills School No. 2 attack skills. Daguai very difficult if you do not learn! Learn skills to spend 3 minutes after Paolu Daguai easy! 2 skills playing for the spike. . Under the Supplementary here: This game has a set, forward attack 10% attack power, lateral movement to avoid additional power, but can only play 70% of attack (bow kite-flying star, and added to avoid useless, this set be useful for killing star), plus defensive back attacks, but attacks can only play 40% lower these settings to their own little star bow attack skills, the early pain. AION measured 15 Magic 18 single brush over the elite media does not mean strange view site Shaguai doing the task to kill 5-9 level skills stroll familiar with the five can go to Xinshoucun spend money to upgrade more than 1,000 backpacks to more than the next pick up ground with something to get rich. . Large bag is benevolent. . . Stone hit the crit as long as the weapons remain physically attack the other one can ignore the sweat too much space Do not overspend this stage! ! ! What is green and pretend not to buy weapons! I would say the reasons behind. In addition to the helmet to hit the equipment with other equipment do not sell pants? ? You ask me why. . . I tell you is very important! Decomposition can buy bags of grocer Spar decomposition is very important to upgrade weapons and supplies! Decomposition is not recommended to buy pre-need money behind the hey. . . Additional skills complemented by a look more money to buy a book with them! Easy way to facilitate learning! They do not bag enough chaos to get Stone. . 9-10 Grade 9 to lay down immediately after the task at hand!buy aion gold Full-time task to do directly after a stroll to the full experience of full-time directly to the 10! 9 also do the task, then on the experience of the waste. . . . 10 can be connected to the main city of the task to become familiar with the stroll can get 10 green weapon. If you do not spend money before this time may have more money to go to the warehouse 2W expansion pack again! 10-16 Any class can ignore the sales of equipment! Because this game is basically useless defense of our bow. . . Strange upgrade path for leveling brush side brush can also be side missions to upgrade this stage is aion kina to blame TMD when I most Xiang Maren Why? Listen to me .... Daguai hands to walk slow normal attack post moves, blocking skills such as time to shoot a few common bottom edge of post moves. Daguai is very chic! ! ! Elegant! Grass! Star has not cured the speed to play fast. This stage, you had better stand up brother! Later will be our world! ! ! ! Of course: You can also 10 full-time, select the sword! Play with the skills to fight close combat, but speed still barely missed the training, complemented by the phone: the skills of strange attacks hit hurt! Note the strange magic of the skills you can get away with a good escape skills to get started and more time to practice good can be more efficient to grasp the leveling bow out of the blue can be assured with less skills! Less blood began to kill leopards 11-14 skill 14-16 alone can do some tasks around the Lake Eaton Shaguai kill rate to 16 16 3 bursts clear after learning much more efficient at this stage remove all the equipment plus fatal all points on the arms and equipment to strengthen the stone arch is the point, can add several sources that add a few strengthening stone that is usually hit and equipment break down! XXX 16-21 to the middle of the map below brush Tutsi mother not to kill the strange addition to the Necromancer can easily kill the other two BOSS encounter here the first one is a volcanic lake near the stone out of a Situ Pu shield and necklace, necklace +13 crit 2nd physical Tutsi mother is 100% death of cold out of the blue gloves Sita Lei added a hilly area also has a snake demon (in fact, like a bird) 18 of the BOSS out a 30 lock before the good of the blue A lock is a 100% level 20 back out there we copy the following code in Notepad got the game on the line. 21-30 21 through under the following sent to Moerheim map, go down the road from Bo Tamo ramp, the road on both sides of the spider 21 has two strange points can brush to brush 22. Wizard Star, Star Magic mushrooms directly down to the village (Botha Moore forest) to kill the mushroom, mushroom village has a very rare quartz head 23 BOSS wallet out of the blue gloves, shields, helmets. Here you can level reaches 24-25, 25 can do the task into the abyss the abyss dragon fight a strange experience troopers 1.4W. Until the thirty, which can play twenty thousand meritorious points. cheap aion kina 28 can also be brushed with a Magic team of 28 elite desert for 2-3 minutes to play a strange experience a strange 14W Blue line fitted orange burst rate is also fitted out, very low probability


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