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Niece of the Occupational popularity: 1. Modao Star 2. Sword Star 3. Kill stars 4-6. Ruler, healing star, bow Star 7. Wizard Star (WG if there will be increased,<a href="http://www.mmooffers.com/Aion/buy-Aion-gold.shtml
">aion gold</a>
Shaguai playing career choice for the money to play equipment > 8. Chanter Sword Star: leveling - output higher Danlian high efficiency. moves very beautiful. because even more people, equipment expensive. murder - in the early depressed, because behind the people (not to stay people skills), but no one would dare to fight with the sword of stars carrying the team - because of the skills pull hate, so the next copy of brush Boss is very good with a sword ruler: leveling - the output is low, Because nearly half of the output of skill is Shield, is the trigger skills, after a successful defense in the shield can be released, so the probability of being triggered is not high, while the release time of only 3 seconds to wait, if you happen to be in use other skills, coupled with the network delay, if inattention is likely to put no, if you can not make good use of Shield, the guardian of the output will be greatly reduced. recommended brush Boss leveling team. in equipment because of armor and sword stars conflict, the conflict of arms and kill the stars Therefore, the highest cost, equipment efficiency is even lower .... not kill - the annual award is now the most popular skills arrests announced, 100% winner is the guardian of the votes skills - capture!! guard to kill proposed team, a quasi-one arrested. team - TANK is a copy of the necessary brush under the elite, only guard can become TANK, but a team only needs a guardian, guardian of the team created a difficult situation is better than cure. Kill Star: leveling - - the output is high, but there is less blood dodge skills, Danlian high efficiency, because stealth skills, racial attack by hostile greatly reduce the chance to kill, do not be second premise,<a href="http://www.mmooffers.com/Aion/buy-Aion-gold.shtml">buy aion gold</a>
because someone else is attacking stealth when you can not used. equipment fencing star ruler cheaper to kill than any other of your career - the late PK is very strong, you can use stealth attack, often spike commoner career. fortress warfare to note that both drawing huge crowds, because it is close out career, how alive to the enemy in front of a problem, to play the advantages of flexible, learning is the guardian of Dong Cunrui and Huang Jiguang thing, you do not follow the blending. team - very good output, but the next time a copy of the remote output professional> close Body Bow Star: leveling - the speed in the pre-leveling, high efficiency, 16 the number of bursts, post more cool, two skills to lay out the strange, pre-efficiency in general, because the bow practice in the late cool Not many people, equipment, cheaper murder - on the operation, network speed, computer configuration requirements are high. early close viable career, you need to utilize control skills, post-rock, then a crit, the output quite scary, shot to the meal burst, to look very cool too haha ??interrupted by a high output of high employment, in the late Master Zhan Zhuang can tell on the radio, and of winning the majority. AION in the range of attack is also the furthest career. in the fortress war, Bow Group is crucial. team - as a remote output occupation, income level than welcome to kill Star Magic Star High: leveling - the highest output efficiency of the fastest Danlian, too cool, not ruled. especially the early see other career with the flesh and blood to fight hard to blame, you only need a few skills over the past blame the equipment than the fighters hung Department of Department of Investigation are cheaper, less dependent on the initial leveling team equipment, and I rushed to a Master Association 27 who was also installed to kill a lot of white - the legendary cannon, fierce fire, needless to say, there are people sleeping, slow skill, but the blood is weak, attack the enemy so cool, while the hostile and strange people in the fight to the less blood time, a skill in the past on the second of the team - the output of most Huan career, the highest output + control technology, but it needs under the control of hatred, a lot of strange with the mage implacable, it is easy to launch a suicide you attack Oh, and blame lay with the wizard to uneconomical Star: leveling - output is high, have a baby to help fight, Master of sustainability than high, so efficiency is not lost Danlian Master, in general, the richest occupation, like WOW in the Warlock, played WOW players can not ask for much as a reference leveling equipment, equipment is also cheaper to kill - Marine King, suggested that the hostile occupation of other stars have to fly the wizard, the wizard of the baby not long wings .. What?<a href="http://www.mmooffers.com/Aion/buy-Aion-gold.shtml
"> aion kina</a>
many maps can not fly? you miserable .. God, such as, the Alaska team .. have read over it - the output is also very popular career Cleric: leveling - any Aion Dan Lian career can cure moderate damage star, one can add their own blood, continuous Daguai ability, efficiency and guard tied for first place last ... .. it was the elite team brush, experience Aoao fast, 20 or so tens of thousands of mission experience to do a long time before award, will be able to 9000-10000 Thorsing an elite, or 6 hours after the team's experience, oh. Because of the scarcity of nurse degree, brush team call the most strange is the "team brush Elite + hit BOSS ... to a treatment ... "equipment cheap, cheap, of course few people want to kill - in the early PK treatment had few dozen stars, plus die you die you consume. regiment battle fortress war healing is essential to team up - and as guardian, a copy of the necessary professional elite, but also easy to guard team than as a team as long as a guardian, nurse with 2 not too many, ah, the nurse can also remote play ah, but also greatly enhance the safety factor, aion of experience in the absolute dead time off makes you feel Routeng, spend money to buy back more pain ... Chanter: leveling - Dan Lian efficient than treatment of high output in general, but very Persistent high combat capability, unlike the stars of the class to kill to kill a few strange sat. equipment cheaper, and more monks porridge less murder - with the star is almost cured, PK someone kill you, a delay of death is definitely not you. At the same time Chanter viability higher than treatment, I have a friend playing a law enforcement was chasing a few blocks hostile 6 did not. fortress warfare generally lack most professional law enforcement team - law enforcement do not worry, full of team looking for law enforcement, law enforcement to find the team have not seen, and can be a 2 milk, BUFF gain skill letting team more efficient and so is the team willing to take a law-enforcement PS hope that Aion can open more copies, but hopes to develop 6 more than a large copy of the PK's friends do not like to be more fun to get WOW and AION AION make a comparison between the screen and racial confrontation> WOW WOW copy and players before the match> AION first and tell you that is eternal When the tower is a cafe in the beginning of a friend knows, when I look at when the game is introduced and most of the players as filled with anticipation. But the front of the grand re-packaging and testing, many people inside 削尖了脑袋drilling, have to get a activation code can not, I think the Internet should be plenty of time is not the player need not have attachments, so why bother? waited a year and are so over, do not care these days. I said, not gloating, I the individual is how it felt. until the posts I have not downloaded AION, as I know, I do not know the bandwidth of 1M to download to the year, which month or so to download it measured out. estimated that even a good download When a player or to download the patch again. Oh, so much nonsense, maybe we have to throwing eggs, well, gossip put off, to get to the bar. I was under a chance to experience the Korean clothing, I am also a little proud of this a lot. I play a sword star, now 35, mainly by upgrading to do strange tasks and brush. sword star high attack high anti-high blood, not how I feel, ah, a blood Award to kill a same level can only kill a couple of strange to have to sit down and rest, before the play is the world second, with a total feeling of AION in the soldiers did not suffer two years of fierce warriors. But there is a good sword stars where is the need to buy blue and skills has been almost non-stop even put a lot of blue, I heard the Master but the blood and eat and eat blue. AION in the syrup is very expensive to say, this can save some money to play a warrior. Besides skills, AION in the following skills even before the first trigger in order to use the skills behind the skills, so that only a few skills, the location of the shortcut bar, this model is the first time I experience (I play the game is not much), but I feel the sword skills of the star than the star's gorgeous kill, Oh. BOSS team, then I brush with a fixed team, a nurse swords sing a law-enforcement, brushing the BOSS line for the second line, second-line brushing for three lines, seven lines have been such a brushing, and for line figures still in place, will not return to the city again, this also save a lot of time. Our two-hour BOSS brush brush that time, promising to set a time BOSS years, this equipment can be sold one day hit a lot of money. the forum, said the task can be done after 25 to go into the abyss, I personally do not recommend to go so soon, at least have 30 + the go. Why? abyss is Omen the junction of the two communities often see a hostile race. are currently 30 +, if more than twenty class went, and met a hostile race, then it can only be appointed for the slaughter of as a. unless you have a team or if you are cured, like law enforcement career. <a href="http://www.mmooffers.com/Aion/buy-Aion-gold.shtml
">aion money</a>because in the deep brush strange, do the task and murder are all honor, so to play 30 + a to the abyss is still very good. But when will you Daguai Note, not only as traditional games like watching a strange, six-way must be sharp eyes (ears? would not listen to all directions, and listening to music, right), stop conversion perspective, especially in the sky, because the hostile race basically attack from heaven, so can not easily be found (except stealth kill the star). I developed a habit, so whenever there is danger near me always know in advance, or to escape for good PK. When attack by hostile race to escape beat, the best way is to fly up, fly over his head was hard for him to turn in several directions to find you, this is the best flight route. If the other side chased the homes, you can find through the air to place a ring to increase the flight time, it saw no hope of escape points to fly away Forget killed, killed themselves rather not die in the other hand, to a die, ha ha. If He beat you up, then fly it? It does not matter, if you have locked him, to have mad skills at your attack button, will automatically chasing him. nothing more than the other two escape routes, one is to have their race place, another NPC that have their place, then you have to look at the situation is not pursued, and if necessary, turn around and run, not try to be brave, must bear their own small life. I had to kill in the abyss PK stars, star bow , Magic Star, and other professional beat and ran. Magic star general tends to attack even more horrible than the death star, killing star even if the stealth approach, but also for the sword stars he can not hurt me at once how much blood, I have, and he decided opportunities for male and female. Modao stars tend to attack from the air, people have not set down the body plus give you a ball of fire, even though he knows Fortunately, you can break the back of a remote attack, they were often narrow escape Magic Star attack, thriller exception. in the abyss is the best leveling several people together, so that was hostile ethnic beat Ye Hao has a hand. If only one person, then you can find nearby brush where NPC has the strange side, so if you encounter racial hostility In the case of outnumbered there, you can go to NPC NPC help, but the ruler should be noted that there is a skill people can be pulled in front of him, I tried to hide NPC there, that they dare not hard to, no thought to be ruled much of a surprise move before he pulled the skills, good thing I spared fast, or too died too injustice. a leveling in the abyss, we must also beware of hostile racial Daguai attack, described as licking the blood off the head the day, giving a feeling of rivers and lakes to walk alone, it is very exciting, but also the game where most attracted me. As for what that line of battle, or other countries service it, <a href=http://www.mmooffers.com/Aion/buy-Aion-gold.shtml
">cheap aion kina</a>I will not Korean, Kazakhstan, play this game with some friends are playing.


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