The Aion game is still in beta stage

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The Aion game is still in beta stage Empty The Aion game is still in beta stage

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(aion gold)especially MMORPG type, in the PS2 era “Final Fantasy OL” after less contact. However, the domestic online games can be described as an endless stream of this year, World of Warcraft should be charged, and the price is high, did not play on, recently heard back from South Korea to introduce “Eternal Tap” Yes, but because the game is still in beta stage, there have been new district open, these days are boring vacation to the persuasion of friends in this together. . . Download a come back the same night, the game is also the big volume, to 6G. . .According to the official grand introduction, the configuration of the game called need for the strongest ever, is the capacity of the Chinese online game biggest online running game is once again a grand historical epic, drawn from South Korea aims to hold market share of Warcraft. Monsters in the game as some separate entity, rather than the dull life of the body. Different times of daythe scenery is different, in the evening, over the lake with fish swimming in the soul. Very beautiful, the game screen, the screen can indeed comparable with the World of Warcraft. After a few days of the trial, personal feeling, “Eternal Tower” regardless of the system against influenza and compare everything they do, in place, the task bar at the bottom of the main screen easy to observe, unlike some online games too complicated. Art aspects of the game is quite good, the characters based mainly on aesthetic, for the public’s aesthetic, combined with a relatively good picture of the game, playability, or pricey. It is noteworthy that, the game has certain requirements for the system configuration, play this game when I was a “black 5″, (buy aion gold) 2G RAM, ATI HD3850 to run a combination of a resolution of 1680 * 1050 maximum effect; FPS in general, about 40-50 or so, one or more people where fighting would be down to less than 30FPS, so, in order to experience this process online masterpiece, a good graphics card is still necessary.To date we can see the article, “Aion” is constantly offering new area, but not time-limited temporary new players, want to experience the speed of the game’s friend, and thank you for coming ~ ~ AION have very sound manufacturing system, its manufacturing skills to create things that can fall or NPC most monsters can not be compared for sale, there are some important strategic materials, such as the status of various additional state solutions, scroll syrup, red and blue drug DP recovery agents, and syrup + flight time, the following is a collection of manufacturing experience in a variety of written information on the game, do not know where can be applied in AION. 1, low-level materials to be collected more often are coming up before we think of class punch manufacturing, but it is too lazy to go novice area to collect low-level material, material that is both low-level role in the appreciation of hoarding, etc., and to punch their own manufacturing. ..charming and more days of blue, Xiao Ye I could not even eat breakfast have a bowl! Close all programs to ensure unimpeded access to the eternal time. ( aion kina)However, the configuration is estimated to Xiaoye books, certainly into the open is the lowest effect.Is really very good, very powerful.Nothing has been able to claim something out of a pile of crap known as the long wordy mouth Xiaoye known me, when faced with Aion, but no words to describe. Xiao Ye do not know the use of gorgeous, exquisite, delicate, vivid, lifelike, beautiful … … Which word, or put together all of these wonderful adjectives.Can only say that has not into the game, Xiaoye to 被震 dizzy, watching other people’s game is different from the screenshots, its immersive, the experience not only the shock of the screen, but also because of the background music while moving, Xiao Ye holding constant friction speaker, the speaker did not move the last two years look like new, Xiao Ye has been showing the right side of face is similar to poisoning blue purple.If you do not clean out the blame, fear of restraint or their own kite prompt a lot of the blame away from the cure for your BOSS that point output. Then there are trees that I am helpless BOSS BB is 2-3 no matter what the group have this attack on the fallen wizard experience can shout BOSS explore Ha, Johnny output to enjoy it, (aion money) saying it was for 3 BOSS I feel, the wizard’s output is quite impressive.The task of the dog has not done, unfortunately. Spores Road where, with the Magic Sword of the satellite group with corrosion, but also very efficient, saying this way, monsters scattered, you can put the fear Oh, especially the kind of hate archers direct fear of death 3. In this game can make a lot of Warcraft gold coins, like the game the players up into the trading game to make money! Players earn game gold shot through the game you want to trade parity device. The introduction of the English parity device IG911 shipments for businesses to provide a greater profit margins.there is a spirit that is the strange experience of reading it to bounce back left 1 / 3 elimination by magic, not magic burning, so more quickly. Neural devices have nothing to say. Note that the nurse standing beside a small brush from cleared away insects to help milk the dragon strange that do not play a passive, if someone played, out of fear, do not let him attack nanny.Then there are the most proud of three installed, HOHO I think very few people know the secret, the three devices I recommend using the wind BB, that is the dogs out, the resistance is really silent, and what that fluctuations in the volatility completely ignored, the three BOSS I call out a dog, and lasts until the end, all the blood out of the blue absorption back to use, this dog in this group 3 BOSS complete disregard for attacking skills, stop crazy bite, out near the end of the fighting team, said: Oh, no your dog resistant. In this game can make a lot of in game currency, like the game the players up into the trading game to make money! Want to ship the game players can also receiving attention.Finally, Army chief, calls, when mobs use magic to eliminate, just eliminate the shield, pay attention to read the article, you can let the whole BOSS no shielBut note that post moves to flair, do not let race stop chasing ass, that is not efficient, and on consumption and a shield that strange problem of the Master (cheap aion kina


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