Part Three: Behind the Scenes of Aion

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Part Three: Behind the Scenes of Aion Empty Part Three: Behind the Scenes of Aion

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Welcome to Mmooffers! Here is from other site that something about Aion. We just give it a summary, hope it can drive your attention.

It’s Hard To Serve Two Masters. Especially with an MMO(cheap aion kinah), which thrives on a large, diverse user base, appealing to numerous demographics is key. Of course, as any designer knows, that can be a tall order.
“One of our early design goals was to make a game(buy aion gold) that would support a “pyramid” of users: a wide base of more casual players, narrowing upward to a minority of hardcore users that would play Aion with real fervor.
“That’s easier said than done, of course. What’s ‘boring’ to the hardcore player(buy aion kinah) is ‘impossibly frustrating’ to the casual gamer. This problem was compounded by the high percentage of new or young developers on the team, who had less experience dealing with these sorts of design issues.
“In the end, we made a conscious effort to stay away from the large-scale endgame raiding that’s traditional in MMOs(cheap aion gold), opting instead for faction-based warfare in the PvPvE structure of a single mega-zone called the Abyss to keep the hardcore happy and the casual players engaged. Zone-based combat allowed us to concentrate some of these experiences in certain areas, which also helped manage the userbase.”
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