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I play the cure, the role that today's 40, (aion gold)had just finished a smashing equipment did not go brush FB (the key is do not know how to go), outside the city Xiandajiadou PK, his heart was not conscious of the excitement up, Oh, I also Shasha, otherwise I'm sorry a plus ten of the best equipment and Kazakhstan. I have 14 points from the immediate concern was 15:30, but for evil capitalists (to work) will keep on going until the related services. After more than an hour of fighting, I was getting excited, why, since the old child who, cool as well. In that time more than an hour I found the cure for PK is basically generated, said the nurse appears to give the game just to find a job only. Star = 10:0 VS bow cure, Wensheng, I bow stars and 3 P over, people simply do not hit me pain, healing after the soldiers F, basically just out of every hundred in the stone drops blood, and I can resume a cure for the blood of more than a thousand, let him play, he played, however. The magic attacks and healing have stars on the H bow to bow to a few stars (he can no F, so that is stronger than the Master) hung up, so that PK is the cure and the Star bow do not bother, and directly H, get. Magic cure VS = 5:5, in half, and two Master today I came, won one council, lost a bureau. Win because I almost immediately after the first shot of the Master, the two hammer down, with the batter, quick solution to the fighting.

Transport is slow because I shot, the Master of a frozen chains, and then I hung up a few rockets, three thousand eight hundred five blood did not suffer to live under the Lord to see me, and have to say the attack is really powerful Magic , and he is always fighting between the most rapid, in between a few seconds, the outcome came out. Cure VS guard = 8:2, the odds are considerable. To tell the truth and the guardian of PK is really very painful, grinding time, Kazakhstan, slowly grinding, I played on and a guard, to a full 6 minutes, really sick. Guardian of the attack is not high, anti indeed worthy of his name, guard, deserved. Basically, I and the guardian of the attack is about the same, are about two hundred drops of blood, but to take advantage of a cure, I have a long-ha, do not close your body, that is has been bound, the earth's hatred, repetition, and once guardian need not be too afraid to close, a big deal to suffer two, not the pain, run away, to bondage, hate, ah grinding mill, and finally grinding dead opponent. After the guy left saying, "MD, and healing after the fight no longer, the keyboard is worn out, rely on."

I am speechless, I will never fight with you, my eyes were dizzy. Star = 6:4 VS cure to kill, a little dangerous, careless to lose. Star PK in time and kill people are very depressed, I do not know What is the name of his stealth, tentatively called the stealth bar, people are helpless, if a little slow to respond,(buy aion gold) he is not the first to live in bondage, then you run it , kept running, hoping that he hit first, his knife is inevitable to endure, there bound after it, run away, stations, land of hatred, the hatred of the earth we display two later, he also came down to our side, you're welcome to blow it off the back, with tenrai punishment, there are about thirty percent when he left school, if his skills would not stun us, Run away, come back a hate, congratulate you , you win. If the dizziness, do not hesitate to drink the blood, increase blood to speed, if you are lucky you can run away, point back no way, other people's high crit so you come on a few, you're black and white, so that and the Assassin Micro super battle really demanding, as long as we can make a good bit of bubble, Star, it was only killed to kill the sub.

Today is only so much one and a half to harvest, although the Star and the elves and sword would also like to sing to you just for two, but to go to work, really are helpless, heaven Kazakhstan, evil capitalists, how you hold it for an hour I , even a half-hour line Yeah, unfortunately, Kazakhstan, and sent to two professional full-Qi, no way, and so measured it, I will be cured, or must these two filled, we support it, ha ha Cleric - heal the main healer but assured Aion Star game is the main treatment. If according to different situations with the right equipment, whether single, team, or a PvP type of game can be at ease. Cleric tasks in each case are very clear, that is good to play the role of the main treatment, gain commitment, treatment, and the resurrection of the task. 1. Cure what kind of star quality players? Star of the cure, the most important capabilities include two aspects, one regulating hostile value (aggro) the ability, the second is the ability to get mana. For team games, but stars cure conditions necessary for the survival of the good regulation of aggro, and save the team members is a necessary condition for the ability to get mana. 2. To the type of game style, players recommended.

Like with other players in the game dialogue, like the team game, eager to help others get satisfaction from the game, do not like strikes, alone in front of other types of players, more suitable choice to cure Star this profession. Not suitable for such style of players. Of course, do not like the treatment of the role of star players do not choose to cure! Not like this career as World of Warcraft, can output damage. (According to the different equipment characteristics) distinctive healing healing star, but compared to other professions, the single-player capacity is relatively weak. Cleric in order to survive in Aion, choice and was treated for others Add as Friend others is wise. Cure all kinds of games in the form of stars: 1. Single cure for single game star more difficult. But not entirely impossible,(aion kina) equipment chain armor, war clubs and shields, you can also enjoy the same as the single law-enforcement Star game. But even so, the hunting speed is still unsatisfactory, and only a reasonable distribution of magic, melee attacks and treatment, to ensure the safety of hunting. If you have peer-peer type human shields, hunting efficiency will be greatly enhanced. 2. Team / unit to cure the necessary star team in the role.

Star healing as the special cure, even if its relatively low level, but also a relatively high level team to join and enjoy the fun of hunting team. In the team, usually with the benefit of the law enforcement can produce complementary co-star joint, thereby further consolidating its position as the main treatment. Star is the team as a necessary healing role, usually very busy so the role of popular, people often receive requests for team and mine. 3.PvP / fortress in the 1:1 case, the cure stars often show a tough side. Although not a cure for the resilience of strong star, and no opponent can suppress the lethality hypnosis skills or powerful, but the biggest advantage of cured star to use healing skills and adhere to their own to win the final moment. War in the fortress, usually as a comrade in the army back to recuperate for the task.

In order to improve the treatment, cure must be equipped with cloth star with a higher spiritual power of the armor, so often become the targets to kill the number one star. In addition, in order to occupy the fortress, the powerful patron will be knocked down, the stars and in the surprise attack cure (Raid) is very busy in the same popularity.(aion money) Chanter - versatile multi-talented star cure if a cure is to focus on the job, then the star is a law enforcement career to focus on the gain. As a generalist, law enforcement Star Star has cured more than hunting ability, and the mantra of the persistent classes gain skills. Can be described as Aion, the most versatile role, will stand out anywhere. Chanter what kind of quality players? Star players who choose law enforcement, the most important thing is to give full play to the Custodian of the characteristics of multi-talented star. Players need to understand that treatment, damage output, and gain great ability, not the beginning Chanter capability.

Often see only the truth, with the right equipment for the situation, grasp the opportunity to play and treatment to be considered as sold as the first step in good law enforcement star. 1. To the type of game style, players recommended. In short, "what the players want to try it," law enforcement Star is a good choice. Alone in terms of capacity, of course, not as law enforcement the ability to star in a direction that focused on career. However, if you are confident that through comprehensive ability to make up for this flaw, I believe you should not choose for themselves the Chanter and regret. 2. Is not suitable for such style of players. Lack of patience, perseverance in overcoming their lack of players is not the best or do not choose the profession Chanter. Star players will choose law enforcement are often faced with no other career to compare different situations.

Custodian of the characteristics of the versatile star, so that it is not better than pure damage output of mass destruction, Department of the occupation, in the treatment of the treatment system is not as simple role. Chanter its versatile features may accidentally become players despise it is the shortcomings. Therefore,(cheap aion kina) all aspects of law enforcement capacities Star players are asking too much, probably not quite suitable for this career choice Chanter


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