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First, the maximum distance even with two fire arrows, then quickly close the monster about to control the role of back, while using restraint skills, retreated to the most remote to continue to use fire arrows
Advantages: high damage attack, to end the fighting quickly
Disadvantages: High mana cost,<a href="http://www.mmooffers.com/Aion/buy-Aion-gold.shtml">aion gold</a> increased rest time
II (CD, bondage skills) the most remote fire arrows hands and then the corrosion, ice-lock, then stepped back and fire arrows
Advantages: low consumption of blue, to increase efficiency
Disadvantages: *** for the complex
PS: good control of blood loss early will greatly increase the efficiency of Daguai do the task, it will effectively help control the skill players.
Steel protection can absorb damage, in leveling, it is recommended to use one CD, this skill is not low mana
The recovery to ensure the spirit of the supply of blue
With continuous technology, we could improve the efficiency of the player's Daguai
Early continuous skills Description:
Flames burst arrow →
PS: This high-damage combos, skills, brilliant effects, the initial main attack combo
Fluctuations in the ice air lock →
PS: the control class combos, can slow down the enemy, the enemy air fluctuation can produce confusion
Wizard Star leveling techniques:
It can be said is that *** BB star bread where the wizard, the wizard successfully converted into stars, players can learn from instructors the first BB, the fire of the spirit
"Command: Sharp Claw" is the main BB star wizard control skills, to increase the physical attack BB, leveling, you can complete the task to the BB output
Let us look at the effect of this skill:
To BB10 level, monster 8 Case
BB without any condition, normal attack monster, the average damage at around 120, when using the "command: Sharp Claw" post, BB matter the next attack can hit 370 are injured
Can jump to 600 when the explosion hit,<a href="http://www.mmooffers.com/Aion/buy-Aion-gold.shtml">buy aion gold</a>
we should be able to see the BB's powerful right!!!
Wizard Star can double SOLO, let BB to attack a mob, a mob to attack their own, at the same time can get double the experience points, so cool it ~ ~
Also allows BB to attack monsters,
the characters in the rear watching BB.
I recommend playing the wizard star friends, playing the blame can be considered low-level double *** as, playing the same or higher when the blame for BB to the top of the strange, the point of stability in order to avoid unnecessary losses
Skills in basic properties of swords 1 auto general practice
1 feature<a href="http://www.mmooffers.com/Aion/buy-Aion-gold.shtml"> aion kina</a> automatically based general practice dagger
Automatically based on common characteristics of clothing and equipment 1
Leather equipment 1 automatically based on common characteristics
1 Characteristics of basic equipment, automatic cloth ordinary
Speed cutting skills for the book launch 1 1
Focus on avoiding a common use of automatic
Back to the village a common use of automatic
Bandage to cure a common use of automatic

Conviction of ordinary skill book 1 1 use
Assault 13 books using the skills of ordinary
5 features automatic weapons equipped with ordinary hand
Back 15 to launch the book with the skills to avoid
Stealth 15<a href="http://www.mmooffers.com/Aion/buy-Aion-gold.shtml">aion money</a>
with ordinary skill book
7 properties to increase hit rate of ordinary skill book
Soul cut 17 to launch the book with the skills
9 properties to increase in Flee ordinary skill book
Use the skills in the book focus on 19 common
Active Skills
Flurry Lv.1 sword / ax attack the enemy for 6 seconds after the gun to give a powerful blow.
Rapid sword attack 1 Lv.1 2 seconds faster Zhanji enemy.
4 seconds 2 Lv.1 sword wounds caused by enemy greater damage.
Potential sub 10 second cut 3 Lv.1 additional fatal injuries sword attack, and defeat the enemy.
Participation Lv.1 sword at the enemy fell, an additional 25 seconds to attack. Only when the enemy falls can be used.
Sword 20 seconds back Lv.1 the gap in the enemy attacks down the other side.
When defense weapons can be used successfully.
Bow Arrow Lv.1 triple shot three arrows for 10 seconds straight.
40 seconds shot 150 feet Lv.1 bow to attack the enemy's feet, causing the enemy movement speed reduced.
DP burst Lv.2 60 秒 the power of a collection of holy light around after the destruction of the enemy.
Consume all the DP.
DP communication LV.1 10 seconds for a collection of holy light to make light of the power of the people lead?
Convey all their DP, the DP has been communicated back undesirable.
Passive Skills
Proficient use of Swords Swords Lv.1 series weapons.<a href="hhttp://www.mmooffers.com/Aion/buy-Aion-gold.shtml">cheap aion kina</a>
Improve the skill level when additional attack power.
Equipment Leather armor Leather LV.1 proficient, the skill level to improve when additional defense.
Proficient in using the bow bow LV.1 series of weapons. Improve the skill level when additional attack power.
Master hand weapons LV.1 can use one hand weapons and equipment with both hands.


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