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5 times 5 is now black the next, to incorporate only the Army chief of a belt, RP fact that the elves have a lot of room to play the first division, where a cure is not to say consumer shield. BOSS mainly fall, immediately rushed to the captain of the lock control strange time to time to help Magic lost a magic block ah what the weakness is mainly bound to live to see the surrounding nurse,aion gold
not to blame the opportunity to have interrupted the nurse skills This is where the wizard in the role of the three giant will not say no difficulties. Defense device as long as the elimination of the first to OK. Popular favorite players, games, best players in the professional network.
If you do not clean out the blame, fear of restraint or their own kite prompt a lot of the blame away from the cure for your BOSS that point output. Then there are trees that I am helpless BOSS BB is 2-3 no matter what the group have this attack on the fallen wizard experience can shout BOSS explore Ha, Johnny output to enjoy it, saying it was for 3 BOSS I feel, the wizard's output is quite impressive.
The task of the dog has not done, unfortunately. Spores Road where, with the Magic Sword of the satellite group with corrosion, but also very efficient, saying this way, monsters scattered, you can put the fear Oh, especially the kind of hate archers direct fear of death 3. In this game can make a lot of Warcraft gold coins, like the game the players up into the trading game to make money! Players earn game gold shot through the game you want to trade parity device. The introduction of the English parity device IG911 shipments for businesses to provide a greater profit margins.
But note that post moves to flair, do not let race stop chasing ass, that is not efficient, and on consumption and a shield that strange problem of the Master, buy aion gold
there is a spirit that is the strange experience of reading it to bounce back left 1 / 3 elimination by magic, not magic burning, so more quickly. Neural devices have nothing to say. Note that the nurse standing beside a small brush from cleared away insects to help milk the dragon strange that do not play a passive, if someone played, out of fear, do not let him attack nanny.
Then there are the most proud of three installed, HOHO I think very few people know the secret, the three devices I recommend using the wind BB, that is the dogs out, the resistance is really silent, and what that fluctuations in the volatility completely ignored, the three BOSS I call out a dog, and lasts until the end, all the blood out of the blue absorption back to use, this dog in this group 3 BOSS complete disregard for attacking skills, stop crazy bite, out near the end of the fighting team, said: Oh, no your dog resistant. In this game can make a lot of in game currency, like the game the players up into the trading game to make money! Want to ship the game players can also receiving attention.
Finally, Army chief, calls, when mobs use magic to eliminate, just eliminate the shield, pay attention to read the article, you can let the whole BOSS no shield, aion kina
saying that to see one person saying, kill the star of this BOSS gas absorption resistance to the final finish will not escape out find mobs that you receive adequate guidance, the first time to move out of group control mobs or slow down, let the sword stars out to OK.After two days of land reclamation efforts, and finally succeeded on the evening of 19 to kill, this was undoubtedly the BOSS difficult version of the current stage of the strongest national service, personal feeling excluded DPS factors, the degree of difficulty to be slightly higher than the 51 BOSS BOSS Zuichu the Debrisbecause skills are to release a fixed amount of blood, a lot of skill only once.
It is worth mentioning that the BOSS is Mozu 43 task force must be a gold ring, after the disappearance of the BOSS, Mozu 43 kin task will not continue. Imagine the team all the way through the cracks when the inferno, came to the dark territory,aion money only to find the spot when the BOSS is not the expression of it, laughing ing ... ...
The average rating in the team between 40-45, have said that when the level is much lower than when the BOSS BOSS difficult to difficult to kill many, but compared to the original BOSS kill mountain Duka mean when the performance of the BOSS Obviously a lot of generous, starting map, the specific content of later additions.
BOSS skills divided into several stages:
The first stage of, BOSS skills flame front 180-degree range of AOE, with injuries sustained by the DOT. This stage is relatively simple, pull back, control the amount of hatred you can easily spend.
The second stage of, BOSS skills will be more of a group of sleep, sleep will then summon two mobs, mobs kill after the 50 will become a white bat, the bat can not fight, children will automatically disappear after a while . This stage is also not difficult, responses can refer to the mountain Duka
The third stage, BOSS will be a wide range of skills to pull a 360-degree, very large range of skills, after being pulled around BOSS will be followed with a DEBUFF,cheap aion kina
to reduce the upper limit of the blood, and will continue to refresh a small Strange. This stage of the team with the higher, and anemia often flutter Street career.


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