Part2 The Guide for Shillein Knights in Lineage2

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Part2 The Guide for Shillein Knights in Lineage2 Empty Part2 The Guide for Shillein Knights in Lineage2

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 03, 2009 6:25 pm

Welcome to Mmooffers. Today we continue introduce the guide for Shillein Knights in Lineage2 that from other site. Hope you like it.

There are downsides for being an SK. As mentioned before, your low con makes you a stun-magnet. Your low HP(Lineage2 Gold) presents some issues in PvE. Bishops heal you the least effectively of all tanks. You are not as fast as SKs, and you are the only tank without a self-mdef buf. Many people still have the perception that, even with all the offensive cap ability of the SK, they still cannot tank, and you may be relegated as a 'backup' tank.

In these situations, SKs can have a lot of fun, instead of worrying about managing hate, you get to sit back and use your debufs, drains, nukes, bleeds, poisons, everything else you would not normally get to do when all your MP(Lineage2 Adena) is used on hate. Just hope you do not pull agro, and the healer forgets about you!

Another pain for being an SK is the mana drain. Shield fortress, Guard Stance, Debufs, Nukes, cubic, it adds up. Some see this as a boon, others, a curse. Opinions vary widely on this. Cubics only last 15 minutes, and if you die, they disappear too. They can become quite expensive.

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