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Feeling for a long time without playing a game purely because, while the assorted things to write. The reason why bear to come out, because until now have been beta forever in the major media, see the “Tower of the eternal fire, how long can”, “Aion can go far” sort of sarcastic comments. Probably because the fire is too Aion, and indirectly damaged the popularity of certain games,aion gold
do not know if I can not very dark to guess this is also a means of competition?
Speaking of NC, dating back to “Paradise 2″, though not Wantian Tang 2 years, but diehard fans still considered itself to Lineage 2. Old thief AION group says the screen as Lineage 2, it in fact a matter of opinion, at least I do not think Aion worse than Lineage 2, or even substantially copied the wow, I think a system with Lineage 2, wow-like aesthetic of the screen, is a very powerful game.
May be waiting too long, cool tile tile heart some cool Aion open beta test, obviously have the opportunity to get the price soared thousands of test code, but I did not go. There are many things, there is a waiting period of mood, for me, Aion just belong to this category. When the grand official website Aion line, my heart is clearly more than 100 per hour, to the imminent closure was measured for the ride. Until the beta, the volume of my tail, adults have to blame the propaganda against him many years ago into the abyss Aion, I followed him have to play with, this forced with seven, three helpless to download the client.
Aion picture first glance, I can not think of anything except marvel adjective. Overall feeling fantastic and the atmosphere, if you in the days of family bliss sitting on Cruise ships, seen floating in the air of the city, the sky bright colors and rich textures of the clouds,buy aion gold about to be realized. But some details, such as when people say that the mouth is really embarrassing I have to sweat. Every time I see people talking mouth will not help to look on, in order to escape this excruciating scene.
The most recent and thunder Aion dispute, to the number three of the Jian Wang. Because of their work in three soak for a few days Jian Wang, the feeling is very strong, regardless of the screen or the system, of course, the system is substantially mimics the existence of wow this fabulous game. From the screen, the Jian Wang c and Aion are great, I do not think there is an indisputable need for ranking, but from the optimal effect, Aion much good in the three-Jian Wang. It is also the test card of the game, I ran to open higher Aion effect, as if still fluid fill the gap; and Jian Wang c, I can only regret to run with low effect, slightly open the map with high accuracy, clearly felt badly for dropped frames, Jian Wang c picturesque picture special effects, I can only configure the player’s shot from high in taste, can not be said to be a regret. aion kina
Jian Wang said the three programs, but also strive to optimize the hope that one day I can run on three high-Jian Wang effect.
Having said that, the central idea is: Aion well, will not die so fast, Do not you see “Lineage 2″ screen, as now seems little merit in addition to the boring old fashioned can linger so far, which shows the quality of NC game guarantee. To play dead unless it is bent on a grand, the way to play dead never bought a ticket for many years the time the game was spoiled by the players made the game. Tower of those who speculate on when the eternal death of the fire, put on the line but worried about the attitude of the real bar Dalashuigou, turned over the name of a small white Yaner children gloating fans who can take a rest, away from the water’s edge Aion far away.
There has always been based on optimization of a Ti-game screenshots the bad habit of deceiving the audience, this article in order to guarantee the authenticity with pictures,aion money
I did not make any point optimization, and even the color did not transfer over, absolutely original, with a taste with you see on my computer Aion, of course with my computer is not high, so the players do not spray super configuration of my map, the computer then the difference is my son, my son still in the Moreover, qualification. Because it is the resolution, I had to cut into a small map, the way to make a border, which is to the overall appearance Aion What I really like the place, that is, people will change accordingly with the environment movement , rain will hit banana umbrella, the heat will Shanshan Zi, standing on the beach sand will be taken, standing in the water will be playing in the water. Although the NPC talking all the time and action is the town gossip, some pounding action also makes the floor too embarrassing, but played so many games in the eternal tower really let me experience the “role play” the strange feeling. No similar look at the game’s own figures, there are some dumbfounding action, feeling very happy. . The effect of sending beautiful flight. Favorite time to play wow delivery, sitting bird who list of small hills, cheap aion kina
as well as landing people feel dizzy when the acceleration of subduction, are thoroughly enjoyable. Aion is also a great flight, but unfortunately there are no quick thrill of flight, especially landing too slowly, and may stimulate the days of Serbs do not like because of it. Looks may be beautiful, like a giant kite, but I always feel like it definitely will not be comfortable to fly, was holding on and riding a bird in the bird body, it is definitely two feelings.


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