Popular online game AION: law enforcement equipment, personal hands-on experience of other professional PK (2)

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Popular online game AION: law enforcement equipment, personal hands-on experience of other professional PK (2) Empty Popular online game AION: law enforcement equipment, personal hands-on experience of other professional PK (2)

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The Guardian, a very thick skin, do not stop preaching, Aion gold in the guarantee halo to his case, the output, or you beat him, let him trigger the shield against the skills, makes you become very dangerous situation.

Department of worship: the nanny, the law enforcement did not hit him, and now basically the whole blood nurse, nurse without getting the wind in the air, itself a magic attack, and reduce their physical defense, for law enforcement, it is accounted for upper hand, the attacks increased, while ignoring the physical defense.

Fully bound, note that with a good halo skills, the other constraints you. Run out to swing a combat chain, and so on, the total increase is not on the time nanny, then you win. Professional player game studio studio League players are always welcome, VPN agents and receiving business to join!

Nurse quite strenuous on the ground, talk about, no skills,aion Kinah catch up with trying to chop it. Character fight, fight down. The Battle law enforcement, too, was the other side did not open strengthened, it is very easy to open a strengthening, but also have a chance to halo, and sent that is, you run after me. You run I chase, Manman Mo. Or look at character, knock down rates.

Detection system: death star general position in the case of know each other very easy, insignificant and not to fight against the mainstream is a kite-flying, thin the blood less distance light chain can be used to combat kite died, and was dizzy And do not be afraid, we more than blood, he can not afford to second, ground to see blood and drugs, halo him, no halo live buffer reel + heal, run away.

The bow star, look at the situation if he wants to kill you, avoid the Star bow not pursued, find shelter, tree or some columns to the other side have a “” There are obstacles, can not be used “where the words, he wants to kill you, You have to take the initiative to close the body, if he ran, to see his state, did not avoid a direct sin + days go off fine, the best live halo, halo combat chain live there, OK. knock dead.

Master system: we must put the magic anti-installed. 8400 1370 anti-blood of the magic power of 400 burst 400, Magic spell hit if the other party does not meet the 1100 in the case of very difficult to kill you, resist the words will make you very happy. If the person directly to DP read articles, Well, we have DP curse of India, 6 seconds to resist damage. He hung up the healing spells we wanted to run, catch up, slow down if he opened the shield, when not chasing her combat chain, otherwise you will be passive deceleration, the greater the distance pulled.

Wizard Star, is quite a headache, look at the situation. If the other alternative open to allow the baby after you, then run. Against chain 25 meters, and replace only 10 meters, breaking the shield against chain. If the baby does not chase you, then when he opened a balance. Worn chant. Be changed, not afraid, high resistance, high blood, get dead, more afraid of the blood elves, an increase of thin contrary, there is much hope against a skill, the air wing wizard burning helpless, god of medicine, secret agents, rhubarb drugs, eat up, no baby, no substitution, control the time of flight medicine CD, not get dead. If the remote halo live, for rod knock, 1307 magic resistance is also very significant. Shot in the hands of the player you want to play gold traded through parity device. The introduction of the English parity device IG911 shipments for businesses to provide a greater profit margins.

The above is just to say my personal experience. Of course, only on paper,aion money the key is to look at their equipment and “wretched” operation. Click the play blew the Stone’s own equipment, sticks 4 hole (attack) hammer 4 hole (attack) Shield 6 holes (magic resistant) clothing (Fatal 4 Life 2) pants (4 fatal life 2) shoulder (life 6) Gloves (magic resistance 4 Life 2) The 6-dong, shoes (power 1 life 3) 4 holes / 4 holes spare pad (magic resistance).


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