The power of the Aion weakened by their own

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The power of the Aion  weakened by their own Empty The power of the Aion weakened by their own

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Now only by destroying a tower of debris to maintain permanent stability of the magnetic field. Placed in the racial demons in front of the two circles is only one way you can protect themselves destroy each other. Devil makes the heavens and the fate of the hatred between intensified.Instability in the energy field that gave birth to a name Ou Bisi’s Inner Senses, Ou Bisi as like a bridge connecting heaven and long-term isolation of the Devil. Between the two world wars about to erupt.At this point, in the “war years” were driven out of Yateleiya the Dragon suddenly appeared, suggesting that the ancient field of the reign of terror might be revived. And the cats play with eggplant Games Aion Aion open beta career settled, settled Statistics posted career beta.Because they are novices, are of the same starting line.Come to the question, the eternal part of the middle and upper level computer configuration,aion gold can be good is better, but do not worry about your computer can not play, eggplant cat with years of experience in online games to tell you the person in charge: Zhu Xian will be able to play as long as you can Play forever.Zhu Xian is already hanging up the game do not say, reluctant to entertain friends so will find the game, it is now clear down is “Aion”.March 26, 2009 Niece, for 2 weeks. The main purpose of entry is familiar with the operation base maps and games. No friends do not hurry, eggplant cat will be the first time within the game all the basic information as the data sent to the.This cooperation will remain and the old club in the 173, Sina game, join Star Forum to play more. That is, we can see in these 3 areas of my post, other places are reserved.We loved the video I will always do so, after more than absolutely simple group of strange, but the charm of a copy of the test will be a great read on my machine. I might want to change this computer. Families and Mozu, as are the center of AION one race, in the eyes of mortals, and their presence is like an angel sent by god, in ancient times are the guardian for AION Aion Chuangshi Shen sacred race.This is because the guardian of the sacred race Aion, the issue of the Dragon defense within the different views, split into two different forces, and thus lead to “thousands of war.” Because of this, the power of the guardian weakened by their own, eventually led to the collapse of Tower of Eternity, and the world community and the Devil all day long separation, and let the ravages of the Dragon is more serious. Also have accused each other of the two forces must be responsible for this terrible disaster, and the hearts of hatred like Xinghuoliaoyuan general, with a vengeance to have these two forces burn out virtues of tolerance, evolution all day confrontation between ethnic and Mozu . Because the “Battle of the Millennium,” the crumbling tower of eternity, the strong traction forces, destroyed in the days after the fragments on scattered between the community and the Devil, the formation of numerous small empty island, the island has absorbed these empty Aion mysterious force, and with the eternal mystery of the tower in the same dimension, not their appearance as ordinary, otherwise extremely dangerous, mysterious forces that gave birth to a very unique and powerful biological and energy minerals, these islands are called Ou Bisi empty, is also the day, magic, dragons prize for war forces, resources, competition for places. … buy aion goldIn ancient times as the center of eternity, there is a tower of the World – it is called Yateleiya. By the heaven, the Devil and the Inner Senses composition. At first Yateleiya is a complete world, and later became very powerful Maronite forces, they fight against God, To snatch the dominance of Stuart Rhea, became the biggest threat Yateleiya.God sent against the 12 gods, but the two sides are evenly matched. After known as “the Millennium War” after the catastrophe, the Dragon was eventually driven out of Yateleiya. But after a long war, the eternal destruction of the tower has been divided into two large fragments, with the heaven and the Devil have a Yateleiya divided and separated.Aion destruction mutation makes the original magnetic field, weak magnetic field can not continue to maintain the original structure of the world, the magnetic field collapse, it will completely destroy the entire Yateleiya.


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