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Post  Admin on Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:46 pm

Some time ago to do a few flights of AAF Aion fighting contest broadcast the event from the beginning of the extreme disappointment to the new light, I believe, (aion gold)been involved in or watch the activities of certain comrades feel moved.
Can not deny that Aion can be considered one of the few relatively high playability of a game. NCsoft game has always been beautiful to the unchallenged style, the game system setup is also a feature, whether it is small enough to create any characters, or large to large abyss of war! Access to more types of online game players, the tower will be found in the eternal shadows of other games, such as double-race World of Warcraft, City of Heroes free-flying, PvP,

PvE, RvR is needless to say. Some players feel that AION are suspected of copying other games, in fact, I feel a lot of games are very much the same, the key is to focus more on which aspects of the game.(buy aion gold)
Fighting AAF flight at first to see the notice of contest, it is quite skeptical. Although in this heaven before the battle and been planning for MMORPG games such as e-sports category, but I understand the AION, as the team battles and focus more on RvR, Main City Arena useless.
Let us surprise the contents of the preliminary round, group of people swarm to defeat a matter to protect or height, or blood are weak from the poor NPC, to decide the winner and a few pieces of the server that a strong team, have to say this part is is a failure, the first few games, we seem to not get a clear idea situation, the reality as long as the defender, will be lost.
However, trials are also reluctant than in the past, this process is not worth to say, also took place during some of farce, the operator first organization of such activities, through lack of control is lax is a main reason.
With the warning, the final look more formal, and each player must be in designated YY voice chat system registry, race must be a flight, unified Ou Bisi equipment, with the level of skills, professional free with!( aion kina) 8 into 4,4 into 3, and then divided the top 3, these games allow players address him a lot of fun to watch.
If the preliminary planning this event can enhance the player’s participation, if held according to the rules more stringent (omitted million characters from the past)
I also understand that many players because of the rampant acts of plug-and each brush OBS, feel the game has changed, and left the game! It reminds me once had heaven and the heaven II … 1
If the grand sport of those who previously had been destroyed because the plug-in game to learn a lesson, (aion money)I am quite optimistic about the AION, at least I believe that if walking toward athletic development is not without possibility.


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