Level Guide to level 30 in Aion

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Level Guide to level 30 in Aion Empty Level Guide to level 30 in Aion

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:37 pm

Here we have collected from a player who had leveled 5 different classes to level 30 in Aion. This is the design beauty of the Daevonian armor set. You get to experience the fun and beauty of 5 different classes and decide which you ultimately like best. Another great side effectof this is that from 30 up you will never be worried too much about armor or money. You will thus save a lot of money for crafting or whatever you want to do with it. Maybe just save it up for high level stuff.

First there is no PvP until level(aion money) 20 and No one can attack you. But instead of going to Eltnen, you can go to Theobomos (no rifts) and level to 25 free from attack. So you can go to the Abyss and run Training Grounds until level 28. These levels go fast in here. True, from 28 to 30 you will have to go to Eltnen, but this is a mere 2 levels until 30 and they go by fast. It may be that you are never attacked during this quick time, maybe you are, but you have an end to it with great reward on the horizon very near.

You have done this 5 times, experienced the fun of 5 classes. At level 30 on each of them do your Daevonian armor quests and get your full set. Now choose which class you want to level(Aion powerleveling) on up and transfer the set to that character, getting a terrific armor set with awesome bonuses. Now even if you are attacked, you have a great armor set and are powerful.


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