Knight Classes' PvP Tips

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Knight Classes' PvP Tips Empty Knight Classes' PvP Tips

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:28 am

Seriously guys, this is Mmooffers. Welcome to our website! Here I bring you a guide if you are a Knight Player, and we sincerely hope it can help you more or less. And our site has collected the information on other site.

You need the following buffs or spells. If you can not get them, you should take a break from PvP: All classes(knight online noah): 1500 hit point buff, from scroll or spell. Non-rogues: Swift or speed potion. All classes: 300 defense buff, from scroll or spell.

Physical attackers: Attack scroll or Strength of Wolf. Melees-optional but great to have: Strength. The second you are duffed you must react accordingly. When a player is duffed their hit point bar turns purple. If you have been parasited, your hp(knight online gold) buff is canceled out, you have to flee immediately, or you risk getting 1-hit killed.

If you have been maliced/tormented- defense buff is canceled out, you should still retreat, because physical attacks will inflict a lot of damage. In any case, get a party priest or rogue to cure you ASAP, and get re-buffed as appropriate.

If you are a battle priest, mage, or paper rogue, you can expect other players to go after you first, because you have weak defense and can not outrun rogues. The best way to avoid getting picked on is to stay off the front or edge of the battle line. If you are on the fringe, you will get targeted and run over, so make sure you are not isolated relative to other blue dots.

Keep an eye on the map and other players of your nation. If they are charging, it is usually safe to do so. If they are retreating, you should probably do so too. The easiest way to die is to get run over by a pack of charging enemy players. The last place you want to be is the last player in a pack of retreating players. You will get run over by charging enemy sins.

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