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Short tips about Aion Empty Short tips about Aion

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:36 pm

You do not have to be level(Aion Powerleveling)10 to ascend. You can do the quest at 9, and gain a full level to 10. So do the ascension quest as soon as the NPC allows you to. You can always port back to the starter area to complete the quests, with better equipment and skills for Aion.

You will find a lot of manstones from mobs in the starter zones. These can be added to green level(buy aion kinah)equipment to increase certain stats, but not all stats will be useful for you. But rather than sells unwanted manastones to vendor for a low price, trade them with others for a useful one. You should find lots of players willing to trade at the starter towns.

If you are planning to create multiple characters on your account for mules and trading, note that they have to be level 10 before you can port out of the starter zone. There are no bags in Aion, just cubes. The first town you go to in Aion will have a cube expander for a relatively cheap price. So expand your cube as you will not be able to go to a bank vault until level 10, and you will need to pick up and sell as much as you can when starting out.


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