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Post  Admin on Sun Aug 01, 2010 7:36 pm

Kill star PVP of Aion delay must be low and stable, or slowly die out you skills, sometimes not put out the fastest moves you how to play it to kill Star? Able to smoothly continue the killing star players PVP line, the delay in the following 20-30. 50-100MS, barely able to play next, 100MS star killed more than the basic value of the PVP is not too much, or can easily poke random team battles suffered two deep cuts, one-on-one to the other and then very difficult to create any great threat in game(Aion Powerleveling).

Can copy directly into a star, but a copy of the output position, there is a demonic threat in game(cheap aion kinah). Delayed high, moves slowly, like a bad copy too. Kill star PVP, not low latency, virtually no suspense abuse. What play routines, and nothing to say, the killing of 1.9 stars now fall into the most crackling, skills, most are not enough stage. Now like to remind the fight to kill star, should be aware of some places. We play is to stimulate a heartbeat. Patterns engraved stay in each other and time is 24 seconds. 2. Scrap star moves to the full appeared to lock you can let the other party, this process, there is one second or so gap.


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