Experimental results in Aion

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Experimental results in Aion Empty Experimental results in Aion

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 21, 2010 7:18 pm

Finally the experimental results as follows in Aion. a) Of the magic stone increases attack against the scarecrow green word for cutting flat is a basic normal damage, the addition. b) against magic stone of green word to increase the scarecrow attack damage, is a basic skills of normal addition. c) Against magic stone of green word against increased to players chop damage, increasing amplitude adjustment is about 60 per cent of the value in the game(Aion Powerleveling).

d) Against magic stone of green word against increased to players, increase the spell damage by numerical 52 percent. All six hoes played against stone, green for 150 words increase, and not included in the calculation of gain buff within the base, for example full play against enemy players in attack, stone, play the roles to each attack is about more than 150 * a 0.6 = 90 points of blood. A crit about 1.8 times namely 162 some blood. This is a play, metal armor no test, because our family's sword star and guardian said I do this experiment have what meaning, playing games so fun bai. metal armor increase rate will be less than 60 per cent in game(Aion gold ).


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