Introduction of Aion Career

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Introduction of Aion Career  Empty Introduction of Aion Career

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As Master, you can use subsidies to their advantage the skills in Aion to get themselves in position to battle with elements of magic 4 system to destroy the enemy. Master Magic, but displaying a bit slow, so the Master must keep a distance with the enemy to attack. Of course, can also have dizziness Master the skills to make the enemy dizzy effect of further attacks. After a certain level (Aion Powerleveling) can be transferred to the long-range highly offensive star, or call demonic spirits Star Pet

1) Magic Way star: Magic Way stars are free to use the water, fire, wind, earth and other elements. And a strong spiritual force can control the destructive power inherent in nature, against the enemy, but also with frozen freeze enemies. Magic Way Star Magic is very powerful, as long as one can be set to display their enemy to death. On the contrary, weak melee Star Magic Way. Magic Way star cast focused mental concentration in game(Aion gold), it is difficult when the physical attack by his magic. Magic Way stars and can therefore block the attack most of the other partners to participate in the fighting. But the experienced Magic Way stars can separate the job done.

2) Wizard star: The capacity of the wizard from the star and close the wizard. Star Wizard can call the wizard, the wizard command of the fighting, plus can increase the ability of magic. Can be said to move out under different conditions corresponding to the wizard wizard wizard star only be counted a commander.Start the wizard star can only use simple technology, with the star rating up wizard can not only use more methods of command wizard, reached after a certain level (Aion Gold) can become a wizard.


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