Mythical Beasts Rule in Aion

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Mythical Beasts Rule in Aion Empty Mythical Beasts Rule in Aion

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 08, 2010 9:04 pm

Mythical beasts rule: the agile animal that generally high, although no numerical abnormal sensitivity of the baby, but also become negative sensitivity of the "dragon saliva pill babies," Why so popular auspicious fruit, in addition to spell very well, the agile high is also very important factor, it can be as much as possible to avoid the baby is slower than the Min. Treasure to which the RMB players, agile hypersensitivity may be faster than the human family, and "read" in the civilian players, among them, who may be family soon too sensitive.

King Kong sacred: effects in the human family horse, strong drive under the influence of female witch magic, call animal anti-3 anti-human anti-Sin Law Act forgotten 110,4 100, 100 anti-Wisps entirely possible, with high dodge 100 dodge what Inner Alchemy concept! The study, Aion area ko180 think the trend of popular points will be summarized to the sensitive legal systems, and treasure to the same! Department of concept rather than the mainstream, but also may take blood legal systems way.

Points according to non-mainstream methods, such as gold sensitization method, we have to attack the sensitive characteristics of aion Kinah induction to the sensitive legal systems, which get the baby. Another example would have to blood the Mating ghost Ji features method, many players out of the need for PK in the initial case of SP to 0, forcing the Min Jiejia to more than 800 or even 1000 more.

If a man put on ice level(Aion Powerleveling)7 magic spells, then the least Guizu agile, Denon women, Princess Iron Fan can not be ice. Aion area but there is a misunderstanding that many people here, and the devil to give his back one way or another law, to own or bring a female Dragon Princess Iron Fan. In fact, is a real PK players, especially the blood system more resistant line players are generally sensitive pet point to control the negative.


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