Bow Star vs Wizard in Aion

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Bow Star vs Wizard in Aion Empty Bow Star vs Wizard in Aion

Post  Admin on Tue May 25, 2010 6:58 pm

Xanthate solution front war shackles in Aion, read articles focus on avoiding resistance to change in times of crisis to keep up with sleep, spike wizard. Would like to glue the bow to give the other stars to bring some help.

No life insurance wizard attack skills, basic is death. The right time can open a concentrated avoid, prevent each other to eat your xanthate transient. Above is only an abyss air, does not consider the probability of God, launched under stone. Marine is not described in detail, land of the bow has the advantage of speed, can be traced back to run three different CD's traps used properly, it is even more powerful to a high level(Aion Powerleveling).

The most superior advantages of the impact of roll and other roll different CD, 1 min using a 5 minutes and 5 times, the equivalent of an obs red, the bow can sing more than one grade of survival. Because of the critical comments of additional property is avoid, it's critical comments of my shoes and hit 6 of 15 avoid the stones, no buff avoid land in 1842, plus air evade buff 2072, Department of Physics, 1600-1750 hits, and in evading the air we were about 30%.

Kill against race, or the OBS key equipment, and legal systems of the importance of occupational injuries is especially important to play less. our equipment is the critical comments of jewelry(100 fu belt + avoid 14), fragments of clothes, others are old and condemned by everyone, universally condemned elite bow +10 (brush), before taking the 50 blue-OBS bow before the special clearing brush 1.5, Thanks to the brush, which makes the body we have this public condemnation of the old equipment is brush accelerated pace of the game(buy aion kinah).

On the 1800-1900 hit, our evading 18% -20% or so. External face of the physical star, if not avoided, by the other party first opener, easily killed. Department of Physics, hit me six skills, focus on avoiding destroy a skill, evading destroy one's own skills, the survival rate of many. 6 hole attack can be increased with 30 points, but the face is really powerless satellite link, the proposed dot bow star can be appropriately avoided. Life rocks of course good, but we have not tried.


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