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Collection Inventories in Aion Empty Collection Inventories in Aion

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There are two collection things, one is the same as any other game on the ground floor of existing materials and use capture Aion flight characteristics of the air collecting material collected. On the ground with a fine collection of gas extracted five species collected there are many, such as trees, plants, minerals and fish. All kinds of things just fine collected gas can be collected on the extraction technology. Five air collection is Odd, Odd itself is a production of materials, but also may come and go into other production materials.

Collect material collected in the air, the same way when Oder in this game(buy aion gold), but most of the air can collect objects can appear in the stand and collected lots of raw materials, it must be collected in flight status. And collecting the required proficiency mark Oder will collect objects of general proficiency marks to distinguish. Odd time to pay attention to the flight time. Maximum flight time is one minute, so if do not pay attention when the flight time of collection is likely to fall death occurred.

What is Acquisition: Acquisition Technology is used to obtain the materials needed to produce the technology. Corresponding proficiency of various materials, the collection only if the player can collect greater than or equal proficiency proficiency to capture success(For example, if the material can be collected proficiency was 10, the player acquisition proficiency should be 10 and above). Without regard to race, not on the level(Aion Powerleveling), this technology can be used. Would later become the guardian of the skills referred to as refined gas extraction, although the two movements will change, but basically the same.


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