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Aion Interview of V1.9 Empty Aion Interview of V1.9

Post  Admin on Fri May 14, 2010 11:30 pm

A series of items(aion Kinah) just below the current eternal drops for both Kromede's have been added. They are, of course, less powerful than the eternal drops, but have a higher drop rate, so the end result is that there should be more weapons dropping from the Fire Temple instance than before. That, along with the boost in the item drops for all instance boss mobs, should make this and other instances pretty popular in the very near future.

Aion has a lot of UI changes with 1.9 that are all focused on improving the player experience. We've got a new looking for group (LFG) functionality(that you activate with clicking a new icon) that will let you search for groups in need of brave souls to aid them or to post yourself as a hero looking for a cause. You can minimize the LFG window to an icon that sits by your radar and alerts you to updates on your grouping endeavors. There have also been new quickbars added to the UI.

The best part, of course, is changing and new quickbars movable! You can change the shape of the quickbars and the position in which they are placed to best fit your screen setup. Additionally, we've also added buy back functionality on all the in-game merchants. If you make a mistake, you'll be able to go back and repurchase your items for what you sold them for at any point in a session. Beware if you log out, though, because then they're gone forever. This and several other UI changes all add up to an improved player experience with more features, more customizability and higher level(Aion Powerleveling).


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