The Conclusions of Upgrading Items in Knight

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The Conclusions of Upgrading Items in Knight Empty The Conclusions of Upgrading Items in Knight

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:27 am

Dear players, welcome to Mmooffers, The information from the Knight official forum, we just give it a Summary. We sincerely hope it can help you more or less.

You can safely upgrade low class items(knight online noah) with LUS to +3. You can safely upgrade mid class items with MUS to +3. You can safely upgrade high class items with BUS to +3.

KE has tweaked the BUS percentages on items(knight online gold) that are now considered high class. 3->4 is now 70% (it was 90% pre-KE) and 5->6 is now 55% it was 45-50% pre-KE. It doesn't seem to help to use MUS, HUS, or BUS on a much lower grade item.

using MUS on a low class item from 5-6 or 6-7 does not seem to improve the % success compared to LUS, and MUS costs than LUS more. The same applies to using HUS on a middle class item from 3-4 or 4->5 compared to MUS. And to using BUS on a middle class item from 7->8.

For enchanting or adding elemental: LEnS and LElS are reliable on low class items, and MEns and MElS are reliable on middle class items. The % of failure is very low. However, We do not recommend you use HEnS for high class items. I've only tried it twice on +7, and one time it failed. Anything high class is worth spending a BEnS on.

Upgrading low class items to +7 is easy! You will need, on average, 9 +1 low class items to get to 1 +7 item. It is now VERY easy to get paper items up to +7/12; that is why their prices have plummeted. I think we're going to see more paper mages. Prior to KE, a single +7/12 armor piece used to cost 30 mil+ to build or buy. Now such armor costs less than a million to build.

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