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In team battles, very often been gang wars, it is the loss of blood volume quickly, and you will cost a lot Aion money, only multi-or anti-high blood have a chance to go way.

Solution areas: First, secret Life of the most superior drugs, can immediately make up the amount of blood 1410. Second, life of God the most superior point for drugs into the abyss, use of this pharmaceutical drugs with the most superior CD separate secret life in Aion, so is a must. Life crystallization or recovery crystal(this is not recommended because the drug with God with CD. But this CD 30 minutes medicine before God CD 5 points). Third, higher level Healing Potion, solution state necessary.

Next came the scroll area: In the first place, higher wind incantation books, let you into the abyss has 16.0 top speed of flight. Then, higher scamper incantation books, are flying in the sky, volume, of course, are necessary to run the ground war volumes, volumes can sometimes run you run away from dangerous areas. The last thing, the impact of the most superior ease mantra can not only offset the hundreds of books, can not only offset the damage to hundreds of points, focus is to capture this effect could be offset, of course, the exact timing should be used. If you are searching for professional Aion powerleveling service online, you can visit our site, you will share the fastest delivery.

Again is to bring Qi Sike will bring, in the abyss of fortress warfare, attack is the best defense. (Of course, is essential artifacts)


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