Aion Useful Guide for Skill Level

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Aion Useful Guide for Skill Level Empty Aion Useful Guide for Skill Level

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:59 pm

As a general rule, we usually buy an extra amount of work orders. We believe that our skill levels(Aion powerleveling) will increase, because there is often failure of the 10 start. If you buy is appropriate, not just once, you will not be able to complete your order and the final work will buy more material. However, the purchase of an additional buffer will give you failed 6 times, at a high technical level.

If you need clarification on this, let is take a look at an example in Aion. Open your craft window and select the recipe for 'Salted Pujery'. The required materials are your given materials and 1 Salt. Now, the required amount of finished products for the quest is 6. Thus, multiple 1 Salt by 6, which is 6 Salts. Now, you need a skill of 20 to obtain the next work order, so multiple the 6 Salts by 7, which is 42 Salts. Now, visit the merchant and purchase(aion online gold) 42 Salts.


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