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Created One Character in Aion Empty Created One Character in Aion

Post  Admin on Wed Apr 21, 2010 7:01 pm

So, we had just created a character(Aion gold), he leveled until about 35 or so, and that we will not bother many daevonian armor pieces, because it involves access to four characters in 30 - a tall order, we would like. Then, we create a ALT and, because we are familiar with the content, already know where to go, what to do to level.

When double XP weekends happened we would occasionally create a new alt just beforehand, run through Poeta doing all the quests at normal XP rate and then work our way through Verteron during double XP. Now we have five characters(Aion powerleveling), three have reached or more than 30. The other 2 to complete its operation as soon as possible and use NTC 29. We will say that this is worth doing. It's fun, as long as you do not always think: "We have to reach 30, we have 30."

We are not one to usually make alts, but we do like the different playstyle of the various classes in Aion. We do not think you would be able to craft a set of gear with similar stats at that level. It would certainly not be cheap to do and even if you get blue level 28 gear it will not have set bonuses.


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