Aion Asmodians Quest: Disappeared Chieftains Daughter

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Aion Asmodians Quest: Disappeared Chieftains Daughter Empty Aion Asmodians Quest: Disappeared Chieftains Daughter

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Disappeared Chieftains Daughter is a weapon(aion Kinah) quest for players who at level5. It will be a bit hard for starters. First, when you receive this epic quest at level 5 and talk with Nu Beike, then go along the new players village walked down the road to find Dobr.

Dobr will tell you to visit a fortune-telling grandmother. You need to talk with her when you get there. She will tell you to kill monster which seems like sheep near a similar strange white feet Tharu. There have cheapest aion powerleveling service on our site now.

Kill 7 white feet Tharu, go back to the fortune-telling grandmother. Talk with her, she will tell you go mushroom gathering sporangium. Mushroom is on the edge of the nearby trees, you will become a lovely drop of frog when you are collecting sporangium. Go back to fortune-telling grandmother, she will transport you to base class Peleng after talk her.

You need to see a short video. Then you need to click the frog in front of the grandmother one by one. You will find a NPC which is little girl called"blue". Then go back to the new player village with "Blue". The difficulty in this quest is you cant find who you need to talk from the quest. But you need to talk with the NPC Wuergulun dialogue with pets in the new players village. You can get some items from the quest in Aion.


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