Aion Quest: Threats to the sanctuary Kral

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Aion Quest: Threats to the sanctuary Kral Empty Aion Quest: Threats to the sanctuary Kral

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:36 pm

Threats to the sanctuary Kral is a mission quest for level(cheap aion kinah) 19. Which you need to get the quest from Lunnas in Mirage sacred places. Then you need to go to Thorsing resident. There will have five Senior guard soldiers of Thorsing.

The quest is kill the five Senior guard soldiers. Then go back to Mirage sacred places. Talk to Lunnas to complete the quest. You will get 86400 Exp and a white belt which attributes nomal. You can buy aion powerleveling service from our site if you dont have time for your character.

By the way there have a quest called commands from Fort captain of Beltran in Aion. It will happen when you have change your class in Aion. You just need to fo Beltran to talk with Spata Ruo Si. Then the quest will be done. You can get 2370 Exp for your character. Good luck!


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