Aion Quest: Stop the Plot From the Dragon Race

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Aion Quest: Stop the Plot From the Dragon Race Empty Aion Quest: Stop the Plot From the Dragon Race

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Stop the Plot From the Dragon Race is a mission quest for character at level(buy aion gold) 21. You need to take the NPC from Spatanos(Beltran's Army chief) and you can get 20800 EXP, honor of Beltran's Warriors which have the most vitality 30 magic attack power 6. You can get Guardians of pink crystal ring.

The only difficulty of this quest is the quest that you are prompted to destroy the door of dimensional but there have not exact place for you in Aion. The door of dimensional is in the New Tours Resident. And there have most Elite monsters on the way to the door of dimensional. So you cant get there lonely. You need to go with a full party to do the quest.

You can do the quest with the battle of Weaken the Fighting from New Tours to kill Search military elite and kill five senior guard which you can get from the temple. There have many monsters in these two quest. It will be easy when you in the door of dimensional. You can kill all monster by yourself because they are just gerenal monsters.

You can get Guardian of the Silver Ring which is Level(aion powerleveling) 20 Magic to use physical violence against strike 35 +4 or Guardian of Quartz Ring which you can use 35 Magic Level 20 Magic resistance increases power +6.


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