Aion Quest: Retrieve a Gift of Blessing

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Aion Quest: Retrieve a Gift of Blessing Empty Aion Quest: Retrieve a Gift of Blessing

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Retrieve a Gift of Blessing is mission quest when you at level(Aion gold) 18. You can take the quest map at Beltran, then take the NPC of the quest at Lu Salinas. And completed the NPC at Lu Salinas too. After the quest of revenge occurs keepsake.

You need to find the place of the Temple in Aion. Use the teleport to the Festival campsite then fly on the temple. You need to kill the master at Thorsing resident. You can get quest item from the drops of the masters. You can kill monster which you can find there.

After you have done the quest, you can get 98300 EXP and shoes item as House Salinas gown shoes, House Salinas's boots, Nath's chain boots Lu or House Salinas metal boots. You can buy aion powerleveling service on our site when you have no time to level your character.


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