Aion Quest: Destroy the Passage of Ou Bisi

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Aion Quest: Destroy the Passage of Ou Bisi Empty Aion Quest: Destroy the Passage of Ou Bisi

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Destroy the Passage of Ou Bisi is mission quest for level(aion money) 9 players. You can get the quest's map at Puerta on Lakelama spores road. You can get the Automatic NPC and completed at Feiernuosi. You will get the honor" Guardian of Puerta". After you done you will get some items and 11500 EXP as well.

First you need to see Army chief Calian in Aion. Then go to see Oz, Feiernuosi and Puia. They are on the way from Akariaos village to spores Road. Then you need to see Eno. Then you need to find the Power Plant which is not hard to find. There have two paths to login the mine hole.

One leading to the prison of Eno's which is Blind alley. So you need to come out and you will find another hole. Go down into you will see a big mine. The power plant is there. You can see the green power plant is behind the blue one. Purple Power Plant is there as well. Use our aion powerleveling service will do quest fast.

A small boss will be appear when you are destroy the gate. Maybe you can get green Leggings. After you have done this you need to find Calian which you can use the return to town. You will get reward as Calian mercenary group of robe coat, Calian mercenary group of leather waistcoat or Calian mercenary group of chain armor.


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