Some Tips for Archer PvP in Knight

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Some Tips for Archer PvP in Knight Empty Some Tips for Archer PvP in Knight

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:26 am

Here Mmooffers would like to brings you some tips for the archer pvp in Knight. If you are interested in this guide, just keep paying attention to our website. Wish you have a good day in the wonder game.

Archer PvP(knight online gold) is all about timing, anticipation, and knowing which enemy to target. You should pick targets that you predict you will be able to get multiple shots on, to increase your chances of getting the kill.

Watch for mages approaching to Nova and sins coming in to Spike. If a mage is coming in to Nova we can usually hit him once or twice with Shadow Hunter before the Nova and a couple more times when he retreats.

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