Estate System Guide in Fiesta

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Estate System Guide in Fiesta Empty Estate System Guide in Fiesta

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 07, 2010 9:17 pm

We assume the estate thing starts with grampa robin and the grass yes? where do you get the grass. and if thats not how you get an estate how do you start or get one? We recommend you to buy the cheapest Fiesta Silver service from our site, you can buy them at low price as you need. Contact with our customer service right now !

You start at Grandpa Robin in Fiesta. He eventually asks for grass, you can get this from any Herb you can farm. Usually people take the to Forest of Mist. Eventually you end up talking tot he new Furnature Merchant in Elderine. He eventually asks you for a peg and nail (you can buy those in Roumen from another NPC), and some Wood (you can farm these from Wood on any map, usually people go into Moonlit Tomb because its right there).

You do the quests then you will get an skill that lets you go to your home only thing that you have to pay for is the items they cost silver and slowy become bad then you have to keep spending silver if you have loads of silver then good way to get rid of it. Use our Fiesta powerleveling service will make the game more interesting.

No payment is required, neither in game nor irl. Its totally free all you have to do is go get the items the NPC asks for. When you finish, youll end up with a skill (like an attack skill) to learn how to use an estate, THEN you can go buy furnature (or before, but you cant use it til you get the skill), and furnish your house.


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