Overview of Knight base skills

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Overview of Knight base skills Empty Overview of Knight base skills

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:37 am

Here are some Overview of Knight base skills as follows:

Enhanced stamina 5: when maxed increases stamina by 54 increasing hp by 648, which is essential for boss runs.

Heartburst 0: Your a healing priest you don't need any points in this.

Zen heart 0: waste of skill(knight online noah) points, only learn before rebirth.

Spirit changed 5: increases your int by a reasonable amount depending on your spi so you should max.

Revive 1: enables you to revive team mates in the same scene essential for boss runs - max.

Healing 5: your primary healing skill and the one you will use most, it'll still be widely used even after you learnt healing light.

Shadow burning 0: same as hb your a healing priest not needed.

Spell fence 0: waste of skill points ignore. The most secure Knight powerleveling is offered in our website! Just a short ending! Read more next time!


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