Detailed Level 40 information in Knight

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Detailed Level 40 information in Knight Empty Detailed Level 40 information in Knight

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Detailed Level 40 information in KnightDate:02-21-2010 views: 8 Author: Editor: kate Text Size: A A A Dear guys, welcome to our website!

We collect some detailed Level 40 information in Knight and I got the source from other websites, hope it could help you. Here we recommend you to buy some cheap knight online gold, for our price is very low and delivers quite fast, we promise we will make you greatly satisfied!

Level 40: Battlefield

Required level(Knight powerleveling): 40
Difficulty at level 40: easy
Reward: level 41

Go to the Captain Kunabarl in Moradon(460,300) and suggest that you want to do a quest. After you select that, meaning you want to do the Battlefield quest. Once you select that, say that you want to enter the battlefield and you'll be teleported into a room with a lot of goblins. Each of the goblins will give 5K exp each if you kill them alone, 6.5K exp if you have a party of two people, and 5.6K exp in a party of three people. So, as you can see, it's best to party with others in there if it's possible. Kill the goblins until you reach level 41. Once you get to level 41, the goblins will not provide any exp, so go to the judge and mean you want to leave. You will then be teleported back to moradon next to captian kunabarl.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service by live chat, we will help you there.

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