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Soloing information in KnightDate:02-09-2010 views: 5 Author: Editor: kate Text Size: A A A Dear players, have wondeful time in our website!

This article will introduce some Soloing information in Knight for you and I got it from other websites, hope you like it. By the way, you can buy Knight powerleveling at our website. Our company have enough stock on that. Once you need, we can deliver that within 5-30 minutes in usual case.

Although this really doesn't occur much in DCZ, you might run into one or two, or maybe you're in the arena.
Mage - Mages under 59 are usually quite easy for a BP, mainly because they're commonly loaded with Dagger Defense, which won't help them in this situation.
Parasite is most important, Torment if you can get it off, then tear them apart. Once Parasiting, mages really aren't a problem.

Warrior - Usually the most difficult, the routine pretty much stays the same. Parasite, and you will definitely want to get off Torment vs. a Warrior, so Parasite, then Torment, then go after him with you're strongest skill(knight online gold), then you're spammable skill, throwing in your stronger attack whenever you can.

Priest - Again, duff, duff, duff. It really is the key to success. If you came across one of those bastardly Intel Priests who just spam heals himself, get your party to hop in, and gang bang the fucker

Sin - Duff. Once a sin is duffed, if he doesn't town like the pussy he is, he will get owned. End of story. Usually they Spike, then /town. Dinks.

Thanks for reading and welcome to come again.


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